Saturday, April 11, 2009

Obama: "Whatever I Like", T.I. "Whatever You Like" Spoof! (Music Video)

Stumbled upon this on You Tube: Priceless!


NEVER in my life seen a candidate win so quickly.My original spoof of T.I.'s "whatever you like" as BARACK OBAMA the first Black and 44th President of the United States of America CNN "SO WHAT"Video written, performed and edited by: ImanAudio Editing by: Lisa Lavie vocals: Iman & Lisa Lavie

First black prez
Aint that nice,
Im in the highest office thats right!
Now I can do whatever I like
Now I can do whatever I like
So what Im half black and half white
So what I fist bump with my wife
Man, I can do whatever I like
I can do whatever I like

McCain I thought that you knew
By debate number two
That I was gonna win and there was nothing
That you could do
You got so upset by the third debate
I swear to god I think I saw tear,

I picked Joe Biden
Now this ones riding
Long as yall got me you wont need nobody
You want it I got it
Propose it, Ill sign it
Tell them republicans BE QUIET

First black prez
Aint that nice,
Im in the highest office thats right!
Now I can do whatever I like
So what Im half black and half white
So what I fist bump with my wife
Man I can do whatever I like
Man I can do whatever I like

Palin was the hottest
MESS that ran for office
She spoke so odd
Couldve swore it was a comic skit.
She got people excited
But still she couldnt stop this
I won all three debates
If you got it Then you got it!
Now im trying to put money back in your wallet
So as I fix this financial crisis
Theres a long list
Of things I really gotta fix
Like no more shady healthcare
YOU can get what I get.
My country can have what it wants.
McCain can have a seat and think about what he did wrong
I know you aint never have a prez like that
That gives amazing speeches then turns around and raps!

I picked Joe Biden
Now this ones riding
Long as yall got me you wont need nobody
You want it I got it
Propose it, Ill sign it
Tell them republicans BE QUIET

First black prez
Aint that nice,
Im in the highest office thats right!
Now I can do whatever I like
I can do whatever I like
So what Im half black and half white
So what I fist bump with my wife
Man I can do whatever I like
Man I can do whatever I like

Im talking Black prez rides
And black prez ice
Fo at least the next fo years thats tight
Americas upset
And Im just right
Time to put this black pres in yo life

I picked Joe Biden
Now this ones riding
Long as yall got me you wont need nobody
You want it I got it
Propose it, Ill sign it
Tell them republicans BE QUIET

First black prez
Aint that nice,
Im in the highest office thats right!
Now I can do whatever I like
So what Im half black and half white
So what I fist bump with my wife
Man I can do whatever I like

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One Week Later, U.N. Finally Condemns North Korea Missile Test (Video)

At the United Nations, the five permanent Security Council members have issued a statement condemning North Korea's recent rocket launch.

Better late than never, I guess. Is this like Obama reading the polls, analyzing the "feelings" and testing the waters before making any sort of statement on anything?

Jesus! It took them an entire week!? Didn't the rest of us condemn this launch before it ever happened?

But I guess I should cut the U.N. some slack; condemning a rogue, communist nation for launching an illicit and internationally unsupported missile test in a week is considered a "rapid response" for the useless, incompetent and ever-procrastinatory U.N.

Yeah, I made up that word "procrastinatory" but you all know what it means! Get off my back.

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Liberal Tea Party: Epic Failure (Video)

A liberal version of the popular Tea Party movement stages an epic fail in Washington, DC, on April 11, 2009. The group's website claimed more that 400 people would attend, but only about a dozen lonely souls showed up.

Turnout was so bad that one of the organizers tried to claim that DC rallies "always set the record for low turnout." Guess that guy's never heard of the March on Washington. Or the Million Man March. Or this week's Taxpayer Tea Party on April 15.

Also of note was a claim by liberal blogger Jane Hamsher that the real Tea Parties are "financed by Fox News" and that the movement is "just a bunch of people on the conservative end who are pissed off that they're not the ones stealing right now." Whatever that means. Of course, when I asked her about her comments afterward, she refused to answer and walked away.

Video and text from Frank Strategies

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When Polar Bears Attack! Woman Gets Ass Bite After Jumping into Tank at Berlin Zoo (Video)

A video message for the anti-drilling-ANWR-environmentalists: turns out the Polar Bears don't care too much for us humans!

I hope the woman is okay, but stupid is as stupid does:

The keepers' bravery was praised after they dragged the 32-year-old out of a moat for the animals. They had to shove the animal out of the way after one of four polar bears dived into the water and attacked her, inflicting serious bites to her legs and arms.

Knut, the zoo's baby bear that became an international celebrity in 2007 after it was hand-reared by a keeper, was in the enclosure at the time. Germany went polar bear crazy after the birth of the cute animal.

Police did not say why the woman jumped into the enclosure. She had to climb over a fence, a line of prickly hedges and a wall to get in.

She suffered serious injuries after being bitten on her arms and legs.

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Another MS NBCer Blasts "Tea Bagging" and Fox News For Covering The Protests (Video)

Vile Snark Queen Rachel Maddow recently made light of the "tea bagging" of Obama.

David Shuster, filling in for Chris Matthews on HardBall, says the people organizing the Tea Parties work at Fox News! Huh? That's news to me!

What a blatant lie! What the hell is wrong with these Obama-bots over there?!?!

The Tea Parties are "Astroturf", the opposite of Grass Roots, guest Dan Gross says implying that the protests are being organized by Washington and not from ordinary citizens.

He also adds that Obama should ignore the "fringe group of people" because he has more important things to worry about.

They have no idea what the tea parties are about and have no idea how idiotic they sound by attacking them.

The network continues to grasp at straws as its rating tumble. It's the Alinsky Attack Machine rearing its ugly head in the MSM.

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Glenn Beck Responds To CNN's Rick Sanchez Over Comments Blaming Fox News For Gun Violence (Audio)

Earlier this week, CNN's Rick Sanchez accused Fox News [Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly] of creating an environment of fear and distrust that has led to a surge in gun violence, in particular tying last week's Pittsburgh shooting to "Fox News and right wing radio."

On Beck's radio show Thursday, Beck and staff lashed out against Sanchez, calling Sanchez "the one guy who shouldn't accuse other people of being responsible for murder" over his 1990 drunk driving incident, in which Sanchez struck a pedestrian who would be paralyzed and later die from injuries sustained in the accident.

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Vatican Blocks Caroline Kennedy Appointment as US Ambassador

So.... um... like.... you know, Mr. Pope... um... like... I'm ... you know, pro-choice and stuff!

How naive and narcissistic of Obama to even think of nominating someone who is pro-choice to be US Ambassador to The Vatican?

Seriously, what is he thinking? What's next, nominating Louis Farrakhan as Ambassador to Israel?

Puh-lease! I get it. She supported Obama during the campaign and he wants to reward her with something. I'm just not exactly sure what she's qualified to do!
Even Kumar is more qualified, apparently.

The Telegraph reports:

Vatican sources told Il Giornale that their support for abortion disqualified Ms Kennedy and other Roman Catholics President Barack Obama had been seeking to appoint.

Mr Obama was reportedly seeking to reward John F Kennedy's daughter, who publicly gave her support to his election bid. She had been poised to replace Hillary Clinton as New York senator, but dropped out amid criticism that she lacked enough experience for the job.

The Italian paper said that the Vatican strongly disapproved of Mr Obama's support for abortion and stem cell research. The impasse over the ambassadorial appointment threatens to cloud his meeting with the Pope during a G8 summit in Itay in July.

Ms Kennedy, 53, has said that she supports abortion. Raymond Flynn, a former US ambassador to the Vatican, said earlier this week that Ms Kennedy would be a poor choice.

"It's imperative, it's essential that the person who represents us to the Holy See be a person who has pro-life values. I hope the President doesn't make that mistake," he told the Boston Herald. "She said she was pro-choice. I don't assume she's going to change that, which is problematic."

The White House refused to comment.

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Obama's Weekly Address Translated; This Week: Easter and Passover

TOTUS: What he said.

POTUS: What he means.

Official White House transcript:

TOTUS: I speak to you today during a time that is holy and filled with meaning for believers around the world. Earlier this week, Jewish people gathered with family and friends to recite the stories of their ancestors’ struggle and ultimate liberation. Tomorrow, Christians of all denominations will come together to rejoice and remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

POTUS: "We Do Not Consider Ourselves A Christian Nation"

TOTUS: These are two very different holidays with their own very different traditions. But it seems fitting that we mark them both during the same week. For in a larger sense, they are both moments of reflection and renewal. They are both occasions to think more deeply about the obligations we have to ourselves and the obligations we have to one another, no matter who we are, where we come from, or what faith we practice.

POTUS: Including Islam.

TOTUS: This idea – that we are all bound up, as Martin Luther King once said, in "a single garment of destiny"– is a lesson of all the world’s great religions. And never has it been more important for us to reaffirm that lesson than it is today – at a time when we face tests and trials unlike any we have seen in our time.

POTUS: And I still have no comment on the U.S. shipping captain held hostage by Somali pirate terrorists.

TOTUS: An economic crisis that recognizes no borders. Violent extremism that’s claimed the lives of innocent men, women, and children from Manhattan to Mumbai.

POTUS: And Hillary is laughing at the pirate situation

TOTUS: An unsustainable dependence on foreign oil and other sources of energy that pollute our air and water and threaten our planet. The proliferation of the world’s most dangerous weapons, the persistence of deadly disease, and the recurrence of age-old conflicts.

POTUS: And I still will not do anything to deter Iran or North Korea from developing nuclear weapons.

TOTUS: These are challenges that no single nation, no matter how powerful, can confront alone. The United States must lead the way. But our best chance to solve these unprecedented problems comes from acting in concert with other nations. That is why I met with leaders of the G-20 nations to ensure that the world’s largest economies take strong and unified action in the face of the global economic crisis. Together, we’ve taken steps to stimulate growth, restore the flow of credit, open markets, and dramatically reform our financial regulatory system to prevent such crises from occurring again – steps that will lead to job creation at home.

POTUS: And steal from the rich and mortgage our children's future in the process.

TOTUS: It is only by working together that we will finally defeat 21st century security threats like al Qaeda. So it was heartening that our NATO allies united in Strasbourg behind our strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and contributed important resources to support our effort there.

POTUS: I hope America believes that lie because no one actually contributed any resources whatsoever. Like always, if I just say it, it must be true.

TOTUS: It is only by coordinating with countries around the world that we will stop the spread of the world’s most dangerous weapons. That is why I laid out a strategy in Prague for us to work with Russia and other nations to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons; to secure nuclear materials from terrorists; and, ultimately, to free the world from the menace of a nuclear nightmare.

POTUS: And play right into Russia's hands of revisiting the Cold War; only this time, as the anti-Reagan, I'll sit idly by and let them win.

TOTUS: And it is only by building a new foundation of mutual trust that we will tackle some of our most entrenched problems. That is why, in Turkey, I spoke to members of Parliament and university students about rising above the barriers of race, region, and religion that too often divide us.

POTUS: And sold-out America, blamed America and declared America a non-Christian Nation. Suckas!

TOTUS: With all that is at stake today, we cannot afford to talk past one another. We can’t afford to allow old differences to prevent us from making progress in areas of common concern. We can’t afford to let walls of mistrust stand. Instead, we have to find – and build on – our mutual interests. For it is only when people come together, and seek common ground, that some of that mistrust can begin to fade. And that is where progress begins.

POTUS: We can degrade America to the lowest common denominator so we are "liked" forsaking our political and military might.

TOTUS: Make no mistake: we live in a dangerous world, and we must be strong and vigilant in the face of these threats. But let us not allow whatever differences we have with other nations to stop us from coming together around those solutions that are essential to our survival and success.

POTUS: Let us not let our differences preclude us from becoming weak in the eyes of our enemies.

TOTUS: As we celebrate Passover, Easter, and this time of renewal, let’s find strength in our shared resolve and purpose in our common aspirations. And if we can do that, then not only will we fulfill the sacred meaning of these holy days, but we will fulfill the promise of our country as a leader around the world.

POTUS: I'm still a Muslim, America is not a Christian or Jewish nation and I despise America after spending 20 years in Rev. Wright's church.

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Red Eye's Greg Gutfeld Blasts Eminem Over "Nailin' Palin" Music Video (Video)

Greg Gutfeld blasts Eminem saying his new video attacking Sarah Palin is about as "edgy as a potato". He adds if Eminem had any balls, the new video should have had Michelle Obama instead of Gov. Palin in bed.

He also manages to slam Bill Maher and Henry Rollins.

Well done, Greg!

Bill O'Reilly also recently condemned Eminem's misogynistic treatment of Palin.

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Barack Obama's 850 Mile Pizza Run

Fair and Balanced Update: The Pizza Guy Paid His Own Way

Hmmm. It's good to be king. I wonder how much this cost the tax payer?

The Sun reports:

Barack Obama liked a restaurant’s pizzas so much he has flown the chef 850 miles to make some at the White House.

The US President got a taste for Chris Sommers’ pizza while campaigning in St Louis, Missouri, last year.

After Mr Obama’s election win, Chris offered to deliver frozen pizzas to the White House but was told he couldn’t because of security concerns.

So he took 20lb of dough and three gallons of sauce to Washington.

Chris was due to cook lunch at the White House yesterday, reported He said: “It’s surreal. It’s a huge honour.”

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From Slums to Stardom, Politics Aside, Hot Russian Girl (Gratuitous Video)

Nothing to do with politics; just a hot Russian woman! Holla!

Opportunities for a high-flying career dont come easy if youre from a remote mining town. But Irina Sheik has made the leap from college girl to become one of the worlds most highly sought-after lingerie models.

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Female Masturbation: Rachel Maddow & The Bush Administration "Reunion" Party (Video)

Snarky Liberal and Obamanite junkie Rachel Maddow gets in another shot against President Bush. Let it it go, you Left Wing Liberal Moonbats!

I hate this disgusting, liberal, vile Mancow. She makes it difficult to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

MS-LSD is such an Obama-masturbatory "news" outlet that it's disgusting and, frankly, both negligent and masturbatory.

Idiots Run Amok! Let it go!

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CNN: "Obama Family To Get First Puppy" Next Week; Dog Has Kennedy Blood-Line, No Really It Does! (Video)

UPDATE: The Obama girls name their dog "Bo".

The selection was one of the White House's most tightly kept secrets.

President Barack Obama's daughters, 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha, picked a black and white pup, a White House official speaking on the condition of anonymity told The Associated Press Saturday night.

The dog is a gift from Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., who owns several Portuguese water dogs himself.

"We couldnt be happier to see the joy that Bo is bringing to Malia and Sasha," Kennedy said in a statement. "We love our Portuguese water dogs and know that the girls — and their parents — will love theirs, too."

The Washington Post reported in its online editions Saturday night that Obama's daughters chose the name Bo for the pup because first lady Michelle Obama's father was nicknamed Diddley. The name for the dog was an apparent reference to the singer "Bo" Diddley.

CNN's Anderson Cooper: Obama Family To Get "First Puppy" a Portuguese Water Dog.

I'm so glad we have TMZ to report breaking news on government and politics.

TMZ reports:

We have lots of exclusive details on the Portuguese Water Dog President Barack Obama and Michelle are getting for Sasha and Malia. The pooch will make its grand entrance on Tuesday, and it's coming from a prominent Texas kennel, with the help of Senator Ted Kennedy's family.

The black dog -- a male -- is approximately six months old. We've learned it was bred at the kennel and sold to someone who gave it back. The kennel is now "re-homing" the dog to the Obamas. The dog was named Charlie, but the Obamas will rename it.

Now here's where the Kennedys come into play. The kennel has sold the Kennedys three Portuguese Water Dogs in the past, all from the same lineage. The dog the Obamas will be getting is from the same lineage as the Kennedy dogs. The Kennedy family will be presenting the new dog to the Obamas, but it's really coming from the kennel.

The reason this all sounds so technical is that there are issues regarding gifts to the Prez. The fact that the pup is being re-homed makes it all kosher.

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Sean Hannity and Jeb Bush Part 2 (Video)

Bush talks about his political future and Barack Obama.

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Gutsy French Shame USA by Taking Down Somali Pirate Terrorists (Video)

The French navy makes its move to reclaim a captive yacht held by thug Somali pirate terrorists.

One hopes that the American Commander-in-Chief is taking notes. Yes, you read that correctly: Americans forced to take notes from the French on courage.

Then again our Coward-in-Chief and our Laughing Jack-Ass Secretary of State seem to be too busy to deal with this crisis.

I guess Team "O" has nothing to gain politically from this kind of "crisis" which happens to be an actual crisis.

Yellow bastards.

Bloomberg reports:

French commandos freed a sailboat seized by Somali pirates a week ago, the second rescue of a French yacht in six months.

One of the five hostages was killed in the raid, while the others, including a 3-year-old, are safe, the French military said in a statement today. The commandos killed two pirates and took three prisoners in the three-minute operation.

“France has shown its determination not to give into blackmail,” Defense Minister Herve Morin said in a press conference late today.

The Tanit sailboat, en route to the tourist island of Zanzibar, was hijacked April 4 by Somali pirates. A maritime patrol plane located the yacht April 6, and two days later a French military ship caught up with it and began negotiations for the release of the captives, Morin said.

Yesterday, with three French frigates on the scene and the pirates refusing to stop heading toward shore, a French sharpshooter immobilized the yacht by taking out its mast.

Morin said French negotiators made several offers, including money and exchanging the mother and child for a naval officer. The pirates onboard refused because they wanted to bring the yacht back to their onshore den to start the real negotiations, Morin said, adding that currents were carrying the yacht toward land.

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Arizona State University Reconsidering Obama Honorary Degree, Does Not Meet Criteria (Video)

UPDATE: Arizona State University will still not give President Obama an Honorary Degree, instead it will name Scholarship after him.

Arizona St. has decided against awarding Obama an honorary degree because "his body of work" has yet to come and that he does not meet their criteria of "a way to acknowledge people for their contributions to society."

And to think, I didn't think Obama was qualified to be President! Turns out he's not even qualified to receive a bogus Honorary Degree!

Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh my god! I'm dying over here!

Wolf Blitzer claims that recent ASU honorees have "given the University a lot of money".

POLITICO reports:

Michael M. Crow, president of Arizona State University, tells POLITICO that the school is reconsidering its widely mocked plans not to give President Barack Obama an honorary degree when he speaks at commencement on May 13 and will “honor him in every way possible.”

“There was no intended slight,” Crow said by telephone from his office in Tempe. “We had not yet talked about what honors we might give him as our commencement speaker, and we still have a month to work all that out. We don’t want anyone to think we do not recognize what he has achieved and what he means in America.”

A formal decision has not been made, but it was clear from Crow's comments that the university is headed in that direction. ASU risked becoming a national punch line if it did not quickly retreat from its policy against conferring honorary degrees on a
sitting politician.

Past recipients of ASU honorary degrees included an aloe-vera magnate, the director of "Victor Victoria," a Chinese official, a Canadian politician, and lots of donors and fundraisers.

Four days after addressing ASU, Obama will give the commencement address at Notre Dame, which is conferring an honorary degree despite some local criticism of the choice of speaker.

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Does Pentagon Support Russia's Return to Iraq? (Video)

Russia will play a substantial role in Iraq's economic recovery, says Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki during his first visit to Moscow.

Russia also wants to play a role in re-establishing Iraq's military.

This all sound nuts to me; considering the Russians affinity for Iran.

Think about it, Iran and Iraq have been at war for what, like forever? Russia and Iran are clear allies. Russia will not act as an intermediary between the U.S. and Iran in diplomatic talks.

Obama has already surrendered to Russia over an Eastern Europe missile defense shield.

He allowed Russia to outbid the U.S. over a strategic airbase in Kyrgyzstan that the U.S. military had been using to fight terror in Afghanistan.

Hillary Clinton's "reset" blunder added to Team "O"'s amateurish image.

Russia has also recently confirmed a missile contract with Iran and the Kremlin signaled a harder line of relations with the U.S.

Does anyone else see this as a problem?

Iran Criticizes Obama, Calls On U.S. To Scrap Nuclear Arms VIDEO: Brit Hume/Bill Kristol Slam Obama Video To Iran

VIDEO: Iran's Supreme Leader Dismisses Obama Overtures VIDEO: Iran Expert Confirms Obama's "Surrender" It Iran's Mullah Regime

As Expected, Iran Downplays Obama Video

VIDEO: The President's Message to the Iranian People

Russia Confirms Iran Missile Contract; Kremlin Signals a Harder Line on Relations With the U.S.

U.S. Confirms It Shot Down Iranian Drone Flying Over Iraq

Iranian President Declares His Country a Space and Nuclear Power!

Iran Tests Long-Range Missile; Israeli General Says Iran Has "Crossed Nuclear Threshold"

Russia Says No Deal On Obama Secret Plan; "Haggling" Over Iran's Nukes Not "Productive"

No Sh*t, Sherlock! Clinton Doubts Iran Will Respond To Offer of Talks Obama To Lift Sanctions Against Iran

Iranian TV Requests Obama Interview; State-Run News Agency Says Request Is Response To Obama's Call For Opportunities To Engage

Iran Celebrates Anniversary of Islamic Revolution: Stick-Wielding Mob Attacks Former President, Obama Burned In Effigy, A-Jad Wants "Mutual Respect"

Iran Launches Omid Satellite: Welcome To The Future, A Nuclear Iran. "Omid" Is Farsi for "Hope". This Is "Hope" and "Change" You Can Believe In.

Obama Team Has Been In Secret Talks With Iran and Syria Since Before The Election

Dear President Obama, Maybe That Whole "Meeting With Iran Without Precondition" Thing Was A Mistake? It's Time to Change Your Policy

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Barack and Kumar Go To White House (Video)

Kal Penn discusses leaving "House" for White House job with Rachel Maddow. This is just so odd to me.

Penn has had starring roles in the films National Lampoon's Van Wilder, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, The Namesake, Epic Movie, and Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. His television credits include a recurring role on Day 6 of the series 24, and series regular Dr. Lawrence Kutner in the fourth and fifth seasons of House.

On April 8, 2009 Penn announced that he would join the Obama White House as Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison. This necessitated that his character Lawrence Kutner be written out of the TV series House.

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Rachel Maddow Snarkily Blasts Republican "Tea Bagging" Obama (Video)

Mancow wouldn't know a "tea bag" if it smacked her in the face.

The Left and the MSM have no idea what the Tea Parties are all about.

She also blasts Fox News for its willingness to cover the April 15th Tea Parties next week.

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CNN Attacks Beck Yet Again! Criticized For Using "Fascist" To Describe Obama (Video)

CNN: Conservatives using apocalypticism against Obama.

Glenn Beck and other conservatives have said that President Obama's policies will lead to fascism. CNN political analyst Bill Schneider refers to their tactics as "apocalypticism."

News flash to the Commie News Network! Beck is not that far off! Stop hiding behind Dear Leader.

Nothing more than another attack against Beck by the jealous competition.

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Really? Polish Politician Slams Zoo Over Gay Elephant

Hmmm... A Polish politician has blasted his local zoo for splashing out on a "gay" elephant.

Sky News reports:

Michal Grzes lashed out over the acquisition of Ninio, who prefers the company of other male elephants and is unlikely to procreate, local media reported.

"We didn't pay 37 million zlotys (£7.6m) for the largest elephant house in Europe to have a gay elephant live there," Mr Grzes was quoted as saying.

"We were supposed to have a herd, but as Ninio prefers male friends over females how will he produce offspring?"

Mr Grzes, from the right-wing opposition Law and Justice party, is a councillor in the western Polish city of Poznan.

The head of the Poznan zoo said Ninio may be too young to decide whether he prefers males or females.

Ninio is only 10 years old but elephants do not reach sexual maturity until they are 14.

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Hannity And Jeb Bush Discuss Ways To Improve American Education (Video)

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush breaks his silence in an EXCLUSIVE two-part interview with Sean Hannity.

This is Governor Bush's very first interview since leaving office more than two years ago.

On Hannity's Special Last Night, "6 Ideas to Save America", Governor Bush discusses education.

He brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the issue and has devoted much of his time and energy to the subject since leaving the Governor's mansion.

He's now Chairman and President of the Foundation for Florida's Future and the Foundation for Excellence in Education, he talks in-depth about his ideas for holding students, teachers, and schools accountable to save this country's educational system.

Bush really knows his stuff when it comes to education and he is full of some great ideas. Worth the listen if you missed it last night.

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Karl Rove: Joe Biden Is A "Serial Exaggerator" and a "Liar" (Video)

Karl Rove disputes Biden's claim that he schooled President Bush. "You should not exaggerate and lie like this when you are Vice President of the United States."

"It's a made up fictional world he ought to get out of it and get back to reality," says Rove.

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Filipino Catholic Devotees Nailed to Crosses On Good Friday (Video)

Catholic devotees in the Philippines re-enacted Jesus Christ's suffering Friday by having themselves nailed to a cross. WARNING: Graphic Content.

From Reuters:

Dozens of Catholic devotees were nailed to crosses, scores more whipped their backs and others chanted the Passion of Jesus Christ as Filipinos mixed faith and gory ritual on Good Friday.

Frowned on by church authorities, the voluntary crucifixions in villages north of the capital Manila are one of the most extreme displays of religious devotion in Asia's largest Roman Catholic state.

Monsignor Pedro Quitorio, spokesman of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, said the church discourages such rituals because the penitents were expecting rewards for hurting themselves.

"We only encourage the faithfuls to fast, pray and confess their sins," Quitorio told
Reuters. "We can't stop the practice. It is not necessary, but the church has no police power. These rituals challenge us to guide our flock on the true teachings of the Catholic church."

In the small village of Cutud in Angeles City in Pampanga, about 80 km (50 miles) north of Manila, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was re-enacted in a colorful street play with dozens of men carrying wooden crosses as heavy as 50 kg (110 pounds) and scores whipping their backs to a bloody pulp.

After walking barefoot for more than a kilometer around the village in scorching heat, the drama ended at a man-made hill where 11 men were nailed to crosses with three-inch nails driven into their hands and feet.

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Obama: Economy Showing "Glimmers of Hope"; Steele Laughs Off The Recession: "The Malls Are Just As Packed On Saturday" (Video)

President Barack Obama says that the economy is beginning to show "glimmers of hope" but remains under "severe stress."

Here's Michael Steele's take:

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Pirate Update: Captain Attempts Escape, Pirates Call For Back Up Thugs (Video)

CBS says that the Somali Pirates (and the reinforcements they have called in, complete with their own multinational hostages) are prepared to fight the American Navy and are unafraid of the USA military.

Capt. Richard Phillips attempted an escape earlier today. The pirates are calling in other thugs who have international hostages.

Misery loves company. This should have been over days ago. I cannot believe that rogue pirate terrorists are capable of going head-to-head with the might of the U.S. Military.

But I guess we shouldn't be surprised with our current Coward-in-Chief and our Laughing Jack-Ass Secretary of State.

Congressman Joe Sestak: Captain Richard Phillips is "Brave Individual"

Congressman Joe Sestak, who has firsthand knowledge of life on the seas having spent three decades in the Navy, comments on reports that an American captain tried to escape Somali pirates.

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Beck and O'Reilly Discuss MSM's Personal Attacks Against Fox News (Video)

Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly discuss NBC's "direct order" of character assassination. CNN has recently blamed Fox News for inciting recent gun violence.

Fox currently has the top 10 cable news shows on TV. O'Reilly is number one and his re-run in number four. Hannity is number two while Beck is number three.

Beck explains how hard it is to explain to his 5-year old child why there are Police cars parked in front of his house.

The media is getting desperate, to the point of personal threats against Fox News personalities.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama Breaks 100 Year Presidential Tradition, Won't Throw Out First Pitch At 'Nats Opening Day

Still not convinced he hates America?

The Washington Times reports:

President Barack Obama won't be at Nationals Park on Monday to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Washington Nationals' home opener.

According to a White House aide, Obama will decline the team's invitation to throw the pitch in the game against the Philadelphia Phillies, brushing back a presidential tradition that dates back to 1910.

The Nationals, who have a standing invitation to every president to throw out the pitch at the team's home opener every season, were told by the White House last month that Obama would attend provided his schedule didn't change because of world events.

The club announced pregame festivities for the home opener on Wednesday but made no mention of the first pitch participant. A team official declined to comment Thursday night.

Obama had also been hoping to throw out the ceremonial first pitch earlier this week at the Chicago White Sox opener against the Kansas City Royals. The lifelong White Sox fan, though, was unable to attend because he was wrapping up his first trip to Europe since taking office. He was away from the country March 31 and returned this past Tuesday after a surprise visit to Iraq.

This will be the Nationals' fifth home opener since the franchise relocated from Montreal in 2005, with only two occasions in which the sitting president threw out the ceremonial first pitch. George W. Bush performed the duty in 2005 and again in 2008. Vice President Dick Cheney took the mound for the 2006 opener.

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Brown University Renames Columbus Day "Fall Weekend" (Video)

Amidst pressure from student and Native American groups, Brown University has changed the name of one of its holidays from the traditional Columbus Day to a more neutral, and some say disrespectful, 'Fall Weekend.'

Keep in mind, this is the same "university" which uses a pass/fail grading system. No GPAs.

Stupid Liberals. Give me a break. Anyone complaining about MLK Day? Why don't we call President's Day "Winter Wonderland"? Many of the Founding Fathers owned slaves and fought against the Indians! Anyone crying about that up in Providence?

Read more at RightPundits:

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Acorn & Huffington Post Organizing Efforts to Infiltrate Tax Day Tea Parties to Shape Media Coverage (Video)

Follow Tea Parties at Free Republic!

Michelle Malkin has extensive tea party coverage on her blog. Visit her link.

ACORN & Huffington Post Organizing Efforts to Infiltrate Tax Day Tea Parties to Shape Media Coverage.

Yup! Saw this coming a mile away!

ACORN is the largest radical Leftist group in America today.

ACORN thinks Americans have a Constitutional right to own a home, supports illegally breaking into homes , pressures Blue-Dog Democrats to back radical legislation and generally acts like above-the-law criminals.

ACORN was officially tapped as a Census partner in February and the CRAPulus Spending "Stimulus" Bill contains over $4 Billion for "neighborhood stabilization", i.e. community organizations like ACORN.

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Texas Lawmaker: Asian-Americans Need Simpler Names To Help ID Them (Video)


Texas state legislator [Republican Rep. Betty Brown] suggesting that Asian-Americans might want to change their names to something a little easier to pronounce.

"Rather than everyone here having to learn Chinese — I understand its a rather difficult language — do you think that it would behoove you and your citizens to adopt a name that we could deal with more readily here?" the Republican lawmaker said, as the House was debating a voter ID bill.

Feel free to stop watching after the first minute or so. The politicians questions are in the first minute.

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Conservative European Leader Nigel Farage: "Save Our Pubs"! (Video)

Ask not what your Pub can do for you - ask what you can do for your Pub.

Nigel Farage, MEP, does some great reporting for a politician!

Farage, like his MEP colleague Daniel Hannan, has blasted England and the U.S. over Big Government spending. He told PM Gordan Brown that the British Leadership has "devalued democracy". (Video Here)

Mr President, the Prime Minister has received some criticism this afternoon for his comment British jobs for British workers, but you can brush that aside, because from the moment he said it I do not think anybody seriously thought that he would ever, as a British Prime Minister, put the interests of British workers above that of his European dream.

My goodness me, you showed that this afternoon, Prime Minister.It is just a pity that, apart from UKIP, virtually nobody seems to have bothered to turn up to listen to you. You are very popular here. You are very popular indeed because within a few days of the Irish saying no to the Lisbon Treaty, you had rammed that Treaty through the British Parliament, breaking a specific manifesto pledge that you would give the British people a referendum on the Constitutional Treaty.

Shame on you, Prime Minister, for doing that.

British pubs face closure as a result of high government tax and the country's smoking ban.

Germany recently overturned its ban on smoking and many Britons are hoping for the same.

Visit and show your support. (Posters and petitions are available for download)


I'm not sure if i agree that drinking in a pub is safer than drinking at home, but whatever. Support the Pubs!

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Obama Refuses To Answer Question About Pirates, Admin's Handling of The Situation Blasted By Fox News Panel (Video)

Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton rips the administration's response. "Their reaction is pathetic."

"Guys, we're talking housing right now," Obama says.

What is wrong with this Obama guy? A simple "my administration is monitoring the situation" would have sufficed! Or maybe he could have expressed some sympathy for the family of Captain Richard Phillips?

Oh, I forgot. Bush was the compassionate President.

But hey, at least he didn't break out into uncontrollable laughter like Hillary.

Comment from yoe at Free Republic:

Richard Phillips is being held by Terrorists....with Janet Napolitano at the helm, Heaven help him.....Kerry wants to have talks, Clinton is calling on others to help.....This is an American ship and captain for the Lord’s sake. Too bad the man isn’t a hyphenated American...

I agree! An American is captured by pirate terrorists on open seas, and the Liberals want to talk it out?

F that! A Navy Seal Team could end this in minutes.

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Obama Economic Adviser Heckled By Code Pink (Video)

Hecklers disrupt Lawrence Summers, director of President Barack Obama's National Economic Council, as he speaks to the Economic Club of Washington.

Look st Summers' face; he is the world's most uncomfortable, confused man while this goes on.

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Power Grab 2.0: Obama Plans Amnesty For 12 Million Illegal Aliens

President Obama is crazy. He is radical, arrogant, dangerous and dishonest. Amnesty for 12 Million people? That's his solution to immigration?

This a power grab; pure and simple. If Obama were truly concerned about immigration reform, why don't we start with securing our borders.

But he doesn't truly care about our national security, the economy or anything else that our President should be focused on. His lone motivation is for his radical Obumunist Agenda is to establish a Socialist State and make it next to impossible for Republicans to stop it.

Team "O" will do everything it can to buy votes. This "amnesty" crap is more of the same.

The Unconstitutional White House effort to create a permanent voting majority by allowing Rahm Emanuel to oversee the 2010 census is now irrelevant.

While you were sleeping, Team "O" took over America.

ACORN is the largest radical Leftist group in America today.

ACORN thinks Americans have a Constitutional right to own a home, supports illegally breaking into homes , pressures Blue-Dog Democrats to back radical legislation and generally acts like above-the-law criminals.

ACORN was officially tapped as a Census partner in February and the CRAPulus Spending "Stimulus" Bill contains over $4 Billion for "neighborhood stabilization", i.e. community organizations like ACORN.

Mercury News reports:

While acknowledging that the recession makes the political battle more difficult, President Barack Obama plans to begin addressing America's immigration system this year, including looking for a path for illegal immigrants to become legal, a senior administration official said Wednesday.

Obama will frame the new effort — likely to rouse passions on all sides of the highly divisive issue — as "policy reform that controls immigration and makes it an orderly system," said the official, Cecilia Munoz, deputy assistant to the president and director of intergovernmental affairs in the White House.

Obama plans to speak publicly about the issue in May, administration officials said, and over the summer he will convene working groups, including lawmakers from both parties and a range of immigration organizations, to begin discussing possible legislation for as early as this fall.

Some White House officials said immigration would not take precedence over the health care and energy proposals that Obama has identified as priorities. But the timetable is consistent with pledges that Obama made to Latino groups in last year's

He said then that comprehensive immigration legislation, including a plan to make legal status possible for an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, would be a priority in his first year in office. Latino voters turned out strongly for Obama in the election.

"He intends to start the debate this year," Munoz said.

Polarizing issue

But with the economy seriously ailing, advocates on different sides of the debate
said immigration could become a polarizing issue for Obama in a year when he has many other major battles to fight.

Opponents, mainly Republicans, say they will seek to mobilize popular outrage against any effort to legalize unauthorized immigrant workers while so many Americans are out of jobs.

Democratic legislative aides said opening a full-fledged debate this year on immigration, particularly with health care as a looming priority, could weigh down the president's domestic agenda.

The White House is calculating that public support for fixing the immigration system, which is widely acknowledged to be broken, will outweigh opposition from voters who argue that immigrants take jobs from Americans. A groundswell among voters opposed to legal status for illegal immigrants led to the defeat in 2007 of a bipartisan
immigration bill that was strongly supported by President George W. Bush.

Administration officials said Obama's plan would not add new workers to the American work force, but that it would recognize millions of illegal immigrants who have already been working in the United States.

Opponents of legalization legislation were incredulous at the idea that Obama would take on immigration when economic pain for Americans is so widespread.

"It just doesn't seem rational that any political leader would say, let's give
millions of foreign workers permanent access to U.S. jobs when we have millions of Americans looking for jobs," said Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, a group that favors reduced immigration. Beck predicted that Obama would face "an explosion" if he proceeded this year.

In broad outlines, officials said, the Obama administration favors legislation that would bring illegal immigrants into the legal system by recognizing that they violated the law, and imposing fines and other penalties to fit the offense. The legislation would seek to prevent future illegal immigration by strengthening border enforcement and cracking down on employers who hire illegal immigrants, while creating a national system for verifying the legal immigration status of new workers.

Many details remained to be debated.

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John Ziegler: A New Low Point for the Media: Couric Wins Award for Outrageously Biased Palin Interview (Video)

From John Ziegler, creator of the documentary Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted.

On April 15th, the once upon a time prestigious (and apparently now openly a political leftist propaganda tool, akin to the Nobel Prize given to Paul Krugmann -not elevating leftist quacks, but rather tarnishing once noble institutions) USC Annenberg School for Communication will be presenting CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric with the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Television Journalism.

Now, for there to even be such a thing as an prize for Excellence in Television Journalism, in an age where a desperate thirst for ratings has ca More..used most TV news to become little more than glorified infotainment, is a bit like passing out awards for fiscal responsibility to members of Congress. But for Katie Couric, the poster child of news as infotainment, to be the recipient of such an honor is like giving John Murtha or Barney Frank a trophy for frugal spending in Congress.

But what makes this situation so particularly galling is the specific reason why Couric is being honored for her excellence in journalism. Couric is being presented with the award for Special Achievement for National Impact on the 2008 Campaign.

What was it that Couric did that was so special? The judges singled her out solely for her extraordinary, persistent and detailed multi-part interviews with Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Of course, there is no disputing the fact that the perception created by Courics interview and the ensuing media and entertainment coverage of it clearly had an enormous impact on the 2008 presidential election. But is this the kind of achievement that journalism is supposed to be honoring? (If it is, shouldnt the award really go to Tina Fey?) And is there any doubt that if Couric asked Palin the exact same questions and she had been viewed as performing well (or if one of her softball interviews with Barack Obama had brought down his candidacy) that there would be no awards for her from USC or anyone else of note?

It is obvious that Couric is being rewarded for the political result of her interview the shooting down of a conservative superstar just in time to save the Obama campaign. Its not about the journalism at all. But even that truth is not the most outrageous aspect of this absurdity. Whats even more absurd is that not only shouldnt Couric be getting rewarded for her Palin interview, if we lived in a world where journalistic standards still mattered at all, she would have been roundly condemned for it.

How do I know this? Because I have devoted most of the last eight months of my life to telling the real story behind the media coverage of the 2008 election with my documentary Media MalpracticeHow Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted. ( The focal point of my film is the exclusive interview I did with Governor Palin from her home in Wasilla where she reveals more than enough evidence to completely discredit Courics USC award.

Even though my Palin interview has gotten a ridiculous amount of media coverage, nearly every TV journalist has somehow missed the most important revelation regarding the Couric-Palin showdown. That dealt with how Courics agenda -driven obsession with trapping the governor on the abortion issue convinced Palin that she was in enemy territory and that nothing Couric asked was to be trusted or taken on face value.

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Caller Criticizes CSPAN For Hosting Neocons (Video)

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review is the guest. Ouch! This caller is crazy!

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Who Will Take Gitmo Prisoners? (Video)

Interesting report from Russia Today.

US President Barack Obama says he wants to proceed with plans to close the Guantanamo Bay prison. But where will the detainees go? Some say they could move to a maximum-security prison in the town of Alexandria.

"It looks like signing the order was the easy part for Barack Obama. But closing up shop may be a long and messy battle."

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White House Denies Obama Bowed To Saudi King. You Decide (Video)

The White House is denying that the president bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at a G-20 meeting in London, a scene that drew criticism on the right and praise from some Arab outlets.

"It wasn't a bow. He grasped his hand with two hands, and he's taller than King Abdullah," said an Obama aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The Washington Times called the alleged bow a "shock move..kind display of fealty to a foreign potentate" and said it violated centuries of American tradition of not deferring to royalty. The Weekly Standard, meanwhile, noted that American protocol apparently rules out bowing, or at least it reportedly did on the occasion of a Clinton "near-bow" to the emperor of Japan.

Interestingly, a columnist in the Saudi-backed Arabic paper Asharq Alawsat also took the gesture as a bow and appreciated the move.

"Obama wished to demonstrate his respect and appreciation of the personality of King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, who has made one of the most important calls in the modern era, namely the call for inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue to defuse the hatred, conflict and wars," wrote the columnist, Muhammah Diyab.

The video shows Obama dipping toward the king as G-20 leaders greet one another at the ExCel Centre in London.

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O'Reilly and Tammy Bruce Discuss Women's Rights Hypocrisy Re: Eminem's Sarah Palin Bashing (Video)

Once again, O'Reilly condemns the assault on Sarah Palin while the MSM ignores Eminem's misogynistic attack of Governor Palin and other women. It is unbelievable. View the video here.

If advocates of "women's rights" truly cared about protecting women in this country they would have rallied en masse to defend the Liberal media's character assassination of Sarah Palin. If women's rights was simply that, and not politically motivated, they would have defended her.

And none did. Not one women's organization has yet to come to her defense.

Why? Because they are not interested in women's rights, they are solely interested in being sycophantic subservients to the radical Left wing Socialist Marxist Totalitarian agenda being forced down America's collective throats.

And they inappropriately fantasize about our President.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oops! Fox News Blooper: More Sh*t Navy Ships (Video)


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Sen. Schmukie Schumer Tells Mancow Dept. Of Justice Should Investigate Bush Admin On Torture (Video)

Liberals and the liberal media make me vomit.

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Hillary Clinton Breaks Into Laughter Discussing Pirate Terror Hijacking Attack (Video)

Hillary starts out with tough language and then laughs about Pirate attacks! What the hell is this?

What is wrong with these people? Americans were victimized by terror today and Hillary makes light of "the shores of Tripoli"?

Earth to Hillary: This is no laughing matter. You suck.

Michelle Malkin gives this list of the reasons for the laughter:

For those wondering about the reason for Hillary’s sudden cackle, I have five theories:

1) Nervous laughter because she suddenly realized she would be reprimanded for saying “piracy” instead of using a slight variation of the Administration’s preferred term, “Man-caused seafaring disaster.”

2) Desperately trying to suppress the urge to say “ARRRR!.”

3) Caught off guard by being asked about doing nothing about the Somali pirates when she was expecting to be asked about doing nothing about North Korea’s missile launch and Iran’s nuclear program.

4) Giddy because her “the world needs to come together to end the scourge of piracy” remark gave her a book idea: It Takes a Village to Erase a Pirate

And the most likely possibility…

5) The guy standing next to her looks an awful lot like somebody who just baked a Moroccan air biscuit, doesn’t he?

One of the most disconcerting traits of the Obama presidency so far is that whenever something bad happens, the first response of the administration is to very sternly wonder why nobody else is doing anything about it. “Global consensus” is required to attack everything except our paychecks. Now that’s piracy.

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Rush Limbaugh On Cavuto: Why He Is Leaving New York (Video)

Rush sounds off about why he is leaving New York. Priceless.

New York is going to lose a tremendous amount of tax revenue and Governor Paterson's tax hike will chase away the "wealthy" and ultimately backfire on the Liberals.

What a freaking joke. Good for Rush and others who want to leave New York because they don't want to fund the welfare state.

And Paterson making a joke out of Rush leaving? They just don't get it.

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Cavuto Kills Liberal Over MSM's Refusal To Cover Tea Partys (Video)

This is absolutely fantastic! Cavuto absolutely derails Leslie Marshall, a talk show host.

She sounds like the complete Liberal moron that she is.

The Left has no idea what the tea party protests are about.

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Harvard Law Student Who Schooled Barney Frank Interviewed By Neil Cavuto Today (Video)

Joel Pollack discusses his recent encounter with Barney Frank and how he handled Frank's "home crowd".

He notes Frank blames conservative politicians and refuses to accept any level of responsibility.

This kid is fantastic; I can't wait for him to run for office!

Cavuto summarizes: "Well said, Joel. You said it better than politicians."

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Obama Science Adviser on Priorities On Missile Defense, Global Warming and NASA (Video)

President Barack Obama's new science adviser, John Holdren, talks about the White House's plans for missile defense (they are not going to put up a shield in Europe because they don't believe in a threat), curbing global warming ("in a car with bad breaks headed towards a cliff in the fog") and the future of NASA.

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George Soros: The Whole Banking System is Insolvent (Video)

Liberal financier George Soros on the economy and the banking collapse. This is the same man who said last month that is is "having a very good crisis", as his hedge fund managers make billions off recession.

Telegraph adds:

George Soros, the billionaire financier, helped unsettle markets by voicing fears that share prices had further to fall. In an interview, he said: "It's a bear-market rally because we have not yet turned the economy around. This is not a financial crisis like all the other financial crises that we have experienced in our lifetime."

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Hijacked U.S. Ship's Crewman Calls CNN During Negotiation W/ Pirates (Video)

Any chance Obama will send a message to these pirate terrorists? That's what this is! An act of terror against the U.S.

I say we kick some Pirate ass!

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Soldiers Talk About Meeting President Obama in Iraq (Video)

Two soldiers in Iraq, Olga Elliot and April Turner, who got "a picture and a hug and a handshake" from the president talk to MSNBC's Tamron Hall.

"I was extremely shocked," says one. "We are looking forward to our tour in Iraq," says the other, "and the president's visit just made it that much more important to us."

Obama Derangement Syndrome: The Female Soldiers In Iraq Version. Don't they appear to be just a little too giddy?

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U.S. To Join In Direct Talks With Iran (Video)

So it goes... "without preconditions" dialogue starts. We're officially screwed!

Iran Criticizes Obama, Calls On U.S. To Scrap Nuclear Arms

VIDEO: Brit Hume/Bill Kristol Slam Obama Video To Iran

VIDEO: Iran's Supreme Leader Dismisses Obama Overtures

VIDEO: Iran Expert Confirms Obama's "Surrender" It Iran's Mullah Regime As Expected, Iran Downplays Obama Video

VIDEO: The President's Message to the Iranian People Russia Confirms Iran Missile Contract; Kremlin Signals a Harder Line on Relations With the U.S.

U.S. Confirms It Shot Down Iranian Drone Flying Over Iraq

Iranian President Declares His Country a Space and Nuclear Power!

Iran Tests Long-Range Missile; Israeli General Says Iran Has "Crossed Nuclear Threshold"

Russia Says No Deal On Obama Secret Plan; "Haggling" Over Iran's Nukes Not "Productive"

No Sh*t, Sherlock! Clinton Doubts Iran Will Respond To Offer of Talks Obama To Lift Sanctions Against Iran

Iranian TV Requests Obama Interview; State-Run News Agency Says Request Is Response To Obama's Call For Opportunities To Engage

Iran Celebrates Anniversary of Islamic Revolution: Stick-Wielding Mob Attacks Former President, Obama Burned In Effigy, A-Jad Wants "Mutual Respect"

Iran Launches Omid Satellite: Welcome To The Future, A Nuclear Iran. "Omid" Is Farsi for "Hope". This Is "Hope" and "Change" You Can Believe In.

Obama Team Has Been In Secret Talks With Iran and Syria Since Before The Election

Dear President Obama, Maybe That Whole "Meeting With Iran Without Precondition" Thing Was A Mistake? It's Time to Change Your Policy

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