Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Illegal ACORN Propaganda: US Constitution Gives People A Right To Own A Home

Um, no actually... we don't you radical Leftist MORON!

Well, at least we know why they are illegally breaking into homes and generally acting like criminal idiots.

The New York Executive Director of ACORN visited Stuart Varney on the Fox Business Channel.

These people are radical and frankly, nuts!

Transcript from Sweetness & Light:

Stuart Varney: …you are political thugs, you embarrass banks to give them loans which they could not afford to repay and now they cannot afford to repay them and your claiming the right to my money to stay in those homes and you will have big burly guys who say “we’re not going to leave here no matter what!”

Bertha Lewis: No, we have homeowners who are protecting their homes.

Stuart Varney: Your a nice lady….come on!

Bertha Lewis: I’m a nice lady and I’m very determined lady to tell the truth and the truth is this…

Stuart Varney: You are not telling the truth…

Bertha Lewis: Here’s the thing…

Stuart Varney: Your telling me these homeowners have paid their bills and they have not…

Bertha Lewis: We cannot force anybody to do anything….here’s the thing, you know who are the thugs? The thugs are the banks, the thugs are the mortgage brokers who bilk people so they are delinquent and they deserve to be helped just like big banks and institutions are we intend to stay.

Stuart Varney: And they have not paid their mortgage bills and they have no right to those houses…that is my last word. Bertha Lewis….

Bertha Lewis: Housing is a right.

Stuart Varney: It is not a right.

Bertha Lewis: Yes it is.

Stuart Varney: I’ve read the Bill of Rights, I’ve read the Constitution, no where does it say that housing is a right.

Bertha Lewis: Yes it is.

Stuart Varney: Can you show me? Which page? Which line?

Bertha Lewis: Well we have the right to the pursuit of happiness.

Stuart Varney: You have a right to a house? Where does it say that?

Bertha Lewis: If your a hard working American and you pay your taxes and you do the right thing you do have a right to protect your home.

Stuart Varney: I tell you what Bertha, we have a Constitutional lawyer in a few minutes, I’ll ask him if there is a line in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights that spells out a right to a house which you claim.

Bertha Lewis: That’s good….good.

Stuart Varney: But Bertha, we’ve run way over our allotted time..

Bertha Lewis: Have we, well you have to have me back and we will show you how many homes we have defended.

Stuart Varney: Defended? Invaded and stolen but that’s another story entirely. Thank’s Bertha.

Sweetness adds:

Look at the language Ms. Lewis uses.

And bear in mind that ACORN is a 501c3 taxpayer supported “charity.”

As we have noted oft before, they are thereby prohibited by the IRS from breaking the law – or even encouraging others to break the law.


ACORN is becoming the most dangerous anti-American institution and it is supported and virtually headed by our POTUS.

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