Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama's Budget: Can Anyone Actually Comprehend How Massive The Spending Is? How Much Is $3.6 Trillion?

"3.6 trillion dollars is one out of every four dollars produced in the United States. It's 25% of the GDP. It's 2 and a half Californias... We are going from an era where we looked for the private sector to create wealth to where we are looking for the government to orchestrate the economy. Barack Obama says, "The government must lead." So I take it the private sector is no longer going to decide where investments should go but rather the government is going to decide that we're going to have a certain kind of energy sector, a certain kind of manufacturing, a certain kind of service sector. That seems to me pretty arrogant."
--Peter Morici, University of Maryland Economist, 2/27/09 on The Fox Report

Remember, this is just FY '10 Budget. $3.6 Trillion does not include the $700 Billion TARP Bailout, the $800 Billion CRAPulus Spending Bill, the $410 Billion Omnibus Spending Bill and the $275 Billion Housing Bailout. That's another $2.2 Trillion!

Fox News puts it this way:

If you spent $1 million an hour, non-stop for 24 hours a day, you wouldn’t run out of money for 411 years.

If you took 3.6 trillion one-dollar bills, and placed them end-to-end, that line of bills would reach from Capitol Hill to the sun and then back to Capitol Hill and then back to the sun — and then almost all the way back to Capitol Hill again.

Or try this: 3.6 trillion seconds ago, our ancestors were using stone tools and Neanderthal men still roamed Europe.

Red State puts it this way:

Think of a trillion in terms of seconds. We all know how long a second is. A million seconds is 13 days. A billion seconds is 31 years. A trillion seconds is 31,688 years. Think of the ongoing spending orgy in terms of seconds and perhaps we can grasp what Obama and Democrats are spending and borrowing:

A trillion here, a trillion there; sooner or later you run out of time.


This is really, really, really, really, really, BIG, BIG, BIG government being laid out right in front of our eyes.

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  1. And what would have been the spending under President Palin/McCain? I doubt much less.

  2. Pretty bold statement, snarky! But thanks to kool-aid drinkers like yourself, we'll never know!

    I doubt McCain would have allowed the Liberal Socialist Spending Spree which Congress is currently enjoying.