Tuesday, February 24, 2009

$273 Million "Global Warming" Satellite Crashes Near Antarctica

The Climate Change Global Warming cynic in me is thrilled! Oh, the irony!

Did the crash harm any penguins or polar bears? Was any "sea ice" melted from the heat?

Does anyone find this to be hilarious? Too bad, so sad for the Radical Environmentalist Moonbats.

From Bloomberg:

Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- A satellite launched from California failed to reach orbit today, crashing into the sea near Antarctica and dooming a $273 million mission to study global- warming gases.

“The mission is lost,” National Aeronautics and Space Administration spokesman Steve Cole said in a telephone interview from the launch site at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The NASA satellite was to orbit 438 miles (705 kilometers) above Earth and observe how carbon dioxide enters and leaves the atmosphere, helping scientists predict future increases in the main greenhouse gas blamed for global warming. Instead, the satellite fell into the ocean near Antarctica. The mission manager said at no point did the craft pass over land.

“It’s a huge disappointment for the entire team who have worked very hard for years and years and years,” NASA Launch Director Chuck Dovale said in a briefing from California. “Even when you do your very best, you can still fail.” The Orbiting Carbon Observatory satellite didn’t reach orbit after a 1:55 a.m. launch because the “payload fairing” failed to separate, NASA said. The fairing covers the top of the satellite during launch and needs to come off so the satellite can detach from the rocket and enter orbit.

I'm sorry but this kind of disastrous failure just makes me crack up!

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  1. CEXP, didn't realize you had already tackled this tough subject, but I wrote about it as well. It sure was funny..