Saturday, October 31, 2009

Conservative Victory! Conservative Party Canadidate Forces RINO To Withdrawl From NY-23 Congressional Race

Michael Steele reacts...

Fox News reports:

Republican state Assemblywoman Dierdre Scozzafava has suspended her campaign for upstate New York's 23rd Congressional District seat, giving a possible boost to Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman against Democrat Bill Owens, Fox News has confirmed.

The move comes on the heels of a new poll that showed Scozzafava had fallen behind her two competitors in a close race.

The special election is Tuesday, and political analysts believe upstate New York could be a preview of congressional races nationwide in 2010 and 2012 as Republican leaders struggle to rebuild, redefine and regain control of Washington.

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Tea Party In DC: Michele Bachmann Calls For Full Press On Capital Hill Over Healthcare Bill! This Is Socialism Folks! Time To Stand Up! (Video)

Bachmann asks for patriots to call Congress and meet up with her at the Capitol next Thursday at High Noon. Time to mobilize!

This is it; we are at the crossroads. Please, I beg all of you, if you can to rally upon DC and STOP this madness! STOP the insanity! STOP Barack Obama! STOP Nancy Pelosi!

Say No To Socialism!!!!!! You cannot force Americans to buy something against their will!!!!!

For more information, visit!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

South Carolina Republican Caught With Sex Toys & Stripper In Cemetery (Video)

A Cemetery? Happy Halloween! What's in the water in South Carolina?

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Obama's Army 2.0: Obama Offshoot Group Supports Desecrated U.S. Flag In Healthcare Video Contest!

Isn't this illegal? And the DNC and Organizing for America are rewarding the desecration of our flag?

I guess since it's a spray painted flag, it is technically, legal. That said, it is equally repulsive and demonstrates how little respect Obama and Co. have for our country.


Politico reports:

One of the 20 finalists in health care video contest run by Barack Obama’s campaign arm features a mural of an America flag splattered with health care graffiti until it’s covered completely by black paint.

In the video – which is accompanied by the sound of a heart monitor pumping and then flat-lining – words such as “pre-existing conditions,” “homeless” and “death panel” ultimately obliterate the flag, which reappears on screen seconds later with the words “Health Will Bring Our Country Back to Life” on the blue field where the 50 stars usually are.

According to the Organizing for American Web site, the 20 finalists in the “Health Reform Video Challenge” were chosen by a panel of “qualified” Democratic National Committee “employee judges.”

A contestant whose video didn’t make the final-20 cut complains that a video “defacing the flag” won’t do much to help President Barack Obama or the Democrats sell health care reform.

“They should never pick that,” said the contestant, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “It makes the Democrats look really, really bad.”

A spokesman for Organizing for America said the group was not prepared to provide immediate comment on the video, which, according to the OFA Web site, was produced by Daniel Lahoda and Saber.

According to the OFA Web site, the 20 finalists will be judged by the public and a panel of experts that includes DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, Obama campaign chief David Plouffe, Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Pa.), singer and Hollywood stars Rosario Dawson and Dule Hill.

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Speaker Pelosi Denies Public Access to Health Care Public Plan Announcement: "You're not authorized per the Speaker's staff." (Video)

Are you kidding me? What the hell is going on?!?!?!?!

In a stunning development, Speaker Pelosi Denies Public Access to Health Care Public Plan Announcement.

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U.S. program offers Taliban money to switch sides in Afghanistan (Video)

Um. Is it me? Or does this make no sense at all?

Isn't this akin to "negotiating with terrorists"? Bribe The Taliban? Huh?

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Barney Frank's Cell Phone Goes Off During Interview! (Video)

An embarrassing moment for Sen. Barney Frank's cell phone rings during an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell.

What a stupid ring tone! The Idiot doesn't know where the silence button is?

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Glenn Beck Presents His "Solution" To Health Care Reform (Video)

Gotta love Beck!

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Bill O'Reilly: Is Afghanistan Obama's Waterloo? (Video)

O'Reilly has been hammering Obama lately. Love it.

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Poll: 71% Believe Sarah Palin Not Qualified To Be President (Video)

CNN's Candy Crowley reports on a new poll from CNN/opinion Research saying that only 29% of those surveyed are of the opinion that former Vice presidental candidate Sarah Palin, as Ms. Crowley puts it, "does not have the right stuff to sit in the Oval Office."

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Obama Signs Hate Crimes Bill: "Another Step Forward In Creating A More Perfect Union" (Video)

Hate crimes? Isn't murder already, by definition, a "hate crime"?

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Barbara Boxer Caught Chewing Gum At U.N. Meeting! (Video)

Classy lady! Fox cameras caught Sen. Barbara Boxer discarding chewing gum as a meeting at the United Nations was about to get underway! Includes a "slo-mo replay"!

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Michael Savage Banned From YouTube (Video)

First it was Britain, now apparently Michael Savage is being banned from YouTube. Unbelievably, for the second time in the last week, the most popular YT Channel dedicated to Michael Savage has been suspended without warning.

Apparently, Obamabots have been flagging Imitator's videos around the clock, and this appears to be one of the reasons his channel was suspended this time.

Beware that this could easily happen to you if your channel shows up on the Obamabots' radar. If it does happen to you, don't give up- that is what they expect you to do. Instead, come back even stronger. Don't let them win.

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