Friday, July 10, 2009

Man gored to death by bull in Pamplona run (Video)

The Daily Telegraph reports:

His lung was pierced by one of the animal's horns as he took part in the annual run. Nine others were injured in a dangerous race that saw one bull break away from the pack and charge sprinters.

The man, whose nationality and age have not yet been released, was gored in the neck and lung as he ran the half mile course through the cobbled streets of the northern Spanish town.

He is dead. He had been hit by a horn that punctured a lung," a spokesman for organisers of the annual San Fermin festival confirmed.

Television footage showed that the bull, a brown beast named Cappucino, broke away from the pack of five others and six steers which carried on running the course without him. Once separated the bull became disorientated and aggressive and began charging at the crowds of runners.

One man was flipped into the air and then lay curled on the ground as the bull repeatedly charged him. Others attempted to leap over the wooden barrier to escape his horns.

At least three other people were being treated for injuries inflicted by the bull's horns and another six suffered minor injuries, said a spokesman at the Virgen del Camino hospital in Pamplona.

Friday's run, the fourth of eight held during San Fermin, was by far the most perilous of this year's festival and raised the death toll to 15 since record-keeping began in 1911.

The last fatality occurred in 2003, when local man Fermin Etxberri, 63, was trampled to death. Friday's death was the first fatal goring since that of American Matthew Tassio in 1995.

Tens of thousands travel to Pamplona each July to participate in the fiesta made famous by Ernest Hemingway in his novel, The Sun Also Rises.

Sporting white clothes and red neckerchiefs thrill seekers stay up all night drinking at what has become one of Europe's biggest street parties before testing their bravado in the morning runs.

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Eric Cantor Blasts Stimulus: 'It Has Been a Failure' (Video)

The economy is worse than it was when Obama took office! Unemployment continues to rise and Obama's approval rating continues to plummet!

This entire Presidency has been a "failure" to date!

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Unique Look Inside Iran Protests From Al Jazeera (Video)

A unique look inside the protests in Iran.

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Rep. Price speaks out against the tyranny of the majority (Video)

Rep. Tom Price (GA-06) speaks on the House floor Thursday morning against the tyranny of the Democratic majority and their agenda of high taxes and heavy spending.

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Obama Meets With Pope Benedict XVI (Video)

President Barack Obama sat down with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican on Friday for a meeting in which frank but constructive talks were expected between two men who agree on helping the poor but disagree on abortion and stem cell research.

In other words, the Pope met God!

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Obama supporters speak out Against government over-spending (Video)

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BUSTED! President Obama, President Sarkozy Check Out Young Woman's Booty! (Video)

This is hysterical! Not sure about Obama, but Sarkozy was definitely checking out this woman! Check out Sarkozy's double-take at the end!

Ooo la la!

Her name is Mayora Tavares, she is 16 and she comes from Brazil.

Mayora was at the G8 summit in Italy as part of the J8 – a group of 53 people aged between 14 and 17 who have been meeting in Rome since the start of the week. The group were there to discuss how the lives of young people around the world can be improved.

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Biggest Waste of Money Ever—Obama Spends $18 Million to Redesign Website (Video)


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Thursday, July 9, 2009

In-Depth Look - Waxman-Markey "Climate Change, Cap and Trade" Bill (Video)

Interview and discussion with the President of the Climate Exchange, Richard Sandor. He gives his insights about carbon trading. He says Waxman-Markey is a great start.

This guy Sandor is one of the scumbags who are using "global warming" hysteria simply to make money.

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"Nothing:" New RNC Ad about Failed Barack Obama Stimulus, Economy (Video)

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What Will It Take for John 'The Scammer' Murtha to Get Fired? (Video)

This Congressman is as bad as they come.

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Michael Savage: America To Be Enslaved By The United Nations (Video)

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John Boehner: Joe Biden's lying about stimulus

Vice President Joe Biden in various clips over the past 6 months praising the failed stimulus package, explaining the failed stimulus package, warning that the administration must not bungle the failed stimulus package, warning that the administration might bungle the failed stimulus package, and admitting that the adminstration had bungled the stimulus package and that it has failed.

Politico reports:

Vice President Joe Biden is invading House Minority Leader John Boehner’s back yard tomorrow to tout the success of the stimulus package, but Boehner is redoubling his attacks, accusing the vice president of lying about the economy.

“I found it ... interesting over the last couple of days to hear Vice President Biden and the president mention the fact that they didn’t realize how difficult an economic circumstance we were in,” Boehner said. “Now this is the greatest fabrication I have seen since I’ve been in Congress.”

“I’ve sat in meetings in the White House with the vice president and the president. There’s not one person that sat in those rooms that didn’t understand how serious our economic crisis was,” Boehner said.

Boehner also took a shot at the idea of a second stimulus – something Biden said he was open to last week.

“All of this talk of a second stimulus bill, I think, is an admission on the part of the administration that their stimulus plan is not working,” Boehner said.

On Thursday morning, Biden will appear at Cincinnati's American Can Building to deliver a progress report on the stimulus act and will hold a similar event in Saratoga Springs later in the day.

The Democratic National Committee, meanwhile, released a web ad this morning blasting Boehner on the stimulus.

"Fact is, John Boehner supported the Bush economic policies of the past eight years that brought our economy to its knees," the ad says. "Now John Boehner is using baseless attacks to mislead the public about the success of the Recovery Act."

On a Democratic National Committee-sponsored conference call to push back against Boehner’s charge against Biden, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern said it was Boehner who was misleading the public on the success of the stimulus.

Redfern said that Boehner had mischaracterized the success of the stimulus package during an appearance on Fox News Sunday last week – and that the record needed to be set straight.

“For John Boehner to make things up with a wave of a hand is disappointing and shameful,” said Redfern, who listed a series of stimulus projects underway throughout the economically-battered state of Ohio. “If John Boehner thinks he can go on national TV and lie and go unchallenged, he’s wrong.”

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Should Democrats Who Are Not For A Public Option Health Care Plan Be Replaced? (Video)

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President Obama On Americas Efforts To Stop Climate Change (Video)

Obama says United States must lead the way to reduce our "carbon footprint". This dangerous rhetoric and hype over climate change led to the House of Representatives passing "cap and trade"; a new energy tax that will, in Obama's own wordes, "necessarily" cause energy prices to skyrocket!

And of course, the America-hating President did not waste another opportunity to blast the US on foreign soil.

"In the past the United States has sometimes fallen short of meeting our responsibilities. So let me be clear. Those days are over," he said at the G8 Summit in L'Aquila, Italy.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah Palin Interview with ABC & Good Morning America (Video)

Popular and charismatic Governor Palin takes Kate Snow out for a fishing trip with Todd and the gang and answers questions about her future and about the frivolous lawsuits filed by Barack Obama supporters to try to run up her and her family's debt.

All of the ethics violation lawsuits, predictably, have been found to be baseless. But the strategy of the frivolous lawsuits is not to actually get Palin charged with violations that don't exist, but instead to waste her and Alaskan's money and time by keeping her and her representatives in court.

Typical Barack Obama and liberal tactics. No surprises here.

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NBC Sarah Palin: One On One (Video)

Palin hater and Obama slobberer Andrea Mitchell interviews Sarah on "The Today Show".

Palin gives greater insight into her decision to resign.

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Vladimir Putin PUNKS Barack Obama: PM Lectures Prez for 1 Hour on Cold War (Video)

This is very similar to when Obama let Hugo Chavez rip America apart and then cuddled up to him.

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Sarah Palin Blasts Her Far-Left Media Critics: "I'm a Fighter" (Video)

Commentary from Conservative New Media:

America's future first female President talks tough and puts the sexist critics in their proper place.

The popular and charismatic Alaskan governor sets the record straight and tells the world why she made the excellent choice she made.

Palin was essentially forced from office due to the harassing, ACORN-type tactics of Barack Obama allies. It has been a shameful and truly un-American performance by those who support our current -- and destined to be one-term -- president.

The Obama Crew's tactics are simple: Tie-up your opponents with frivolous and baseless lawsuits designed to waste their money and time and use your media stooges to swipe at them all the while. Finally, dig for dirt that doesn't exist.

Palin made the best choice for her family and for all Alaska: Rather than play the Barack Obama Supporters' game, she knew that the next governor would be free to serve the interests of the state rather than have to spend hours each day fighting off the procedural thrusts and slashes of the Obama supporters' sword.

Hopefully now there will be fewer rape jokes about Palin's daughters from David Letterman and his ilk, as well as less of Alaska's time and money wasted by Obama's friends.

Fight on, Sarah! We know it takes a woman to clean up a man's mistakes, and we are looking forward to that day in 2013 when you can begin to repair the tragic damage which would-be socialist Obama and his Dem pals are currently doing to this great nation.

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John Ziegler Defends Sarah Palin's Resignation (Video)

"How Obama Got Elected: Media Malpratice" documentarian John Ziegler appeared on "The O'Reilly" factor to defend outgoing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

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Kyl: Obama Wants To Make A Deal With Russia More Than He Wants To Ensure The Protection Of The U.S. (Video)

Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) blasts Obama's recent pandering to Russian leaders.

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Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) Swearing in Ceremony (Video)

On the floor of the U.S. Senate, Al Franken is officially sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden.

Stuart Smally has officially arrived. Thanks a lot Minnesotans. Idiots.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

How will U.S.-Russia relations look under Obama White House? (Video)

Former Defense Secretary William Cohen discusses Obama's upcoming trip to Russia.

I wonder what "blame America" or "anti-American" statements Obama will come up with this week in Russia. Should be fun!

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Powell hits back at Limbaugh: Calling Sotomayor a 'reverse racist' is 'nonsense' (Video)

When will Powell just "pull an Arlen" and officially switch parties and stop calling himself a Republican? Seriously...

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Sarah Palin to Sue for Defamation: Huffington Post, MSNBC, the New York Times — Others

This will not end well...

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Joe Biden "Economy Worse Than We Thought" (Video)

How can "the worst economy since the great depression" be worse than we originally thought? Isn't that what Obama got elected on? Good thing Biden's a Democrat. He also admits that Team "O" "misread the economy"? So we passed a "stimulus" bill that was based on misinformation?

Seriously! What would happen if a Republican administration acted as incompetent as this.

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GOP Palin-Hater Liz Trotta: Sarah Palin is Wacky & Crazy- Only Got Ahead Because of Her Looks (Video)

Liz Trotta, an east coast GOP elitist, attacked Sarah Palin again today. Trotta said Palin was "inarticulate and undereducated" and hadn't accomplished anything. She said Palin brought the attacks on herself. And, Trotta said Maureen Dowd's latest hit piece on Palin was well written, smart and funny.

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Rep. Boehner Blasts Rep. Hoyer "You Sound Like The Kid That Showed Up Without His Homework" (Video)

John Boehner blasts Steny Hoyer who continually tried to blame the Bush Administration for the poor economy on Foxnews Sunday.

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