Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah Palin Blasts Her Far-Left Media Critics: "I'm a Fighter" (Video)

Commentary from Conservative New Media:

America's future first female President talks tough and puts the sexist critics in their proper place.

The popular and charismatic Alaskan governor sets the record straight and tells the world why she made the excellent choice she made.

Palin was essentially forced from office due to the harassing, ACORN-type tactics of Barack Obama allies. It has been a shameful and truly un-American performance by those who support our current -- and destined to be one-term -- president.

The Obama Crew's tactics are simple: Tie-up your opponents with frivolous and baseless lawsuits designed to waste their money and time and use your media stooges to swipe at them all the while. Finally, dig for dirt that doesn't exist.

Palin made the best choice for her family and for all Alaska: Rather than play the Barack Obama Supporters' game, she knew that the next governor would be free to serve the interests of the state rather than have to spend hours each day fighting off the procedural thrusts and slashes of the Obama supporters' sword.

Hopefully now there will be fewer rape jokes about Palin's daughters from David Letterman and his ilk, as well as less of Alaska's time and money wasted by Obama's friends.

Fight on, Sarah! We know it takes a woman to clean up a man's mistakes, and we are looking forward to that day in 2013 when you can begin to repair the tragic damage which would-be socialist Obama and his Dem pals are currently doing to this great nation.

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