Sunday, July 5, 2009

Powell hits back at Limbaugh: Calling Sotomayor a 'reverse racist' is 'nonsense' (Video)

When will Powell just "pull an Arlen" and officially switch parties and stop calling himself a Republican? Seriously...

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  1. Personally, I've concluded that this dude has nothing to say that is worthy of my time & electricity.

    His intellectual prowess hasn't deteriorated to the level of "the peanut farmer" but, given time, --- ya never know.

  2. Seems as if this was not a field of debate between Limbaugh and power more of just them doing there job of Politician and Entertainer. My only concern is that as Colon said the House will make there decision and vote there own way. I doubt as if the Politicians care what the constituants think as you can see from his remark so thinly discised as Rush is Rush and I am me. Much to do about nothing just a show.

  3. I doubt that enough thanks can ever be given for the type of service to the country men like Powell have given.

    However, it's starting to look like he's riding he status as a beloved figure to be license to say anything he wants and have it be regarded as Republican Party policy. Perhaps it's time for the general to to pick sides like he did in Vietnam or slater himself with PreparationH, and disappear.

  4. NAMVET...

    You mean the peanut farmer that has a Master's Degree in Nuclear Physics ?

    Rush Limbaugh is a one semester College Drop out . He flunk college level ballroom dancing.

    The very fact that a West Point Graduate, Vietnam Vet, Army Secretary,Head of Joint Chiefs, Secretary of State doesn't measure up to an overweight, thrice-married, undereducated, drug-addicted radio entertainer... who has actually spent his entire career sitting in a room behind a microphone - Giving His Two Cents.... Instead of actually DOING Something ...

    Is Telling...."I'll take fat dumb guy for 20 , Alex"