Saturday, February 28, 2009

VIDEO: Obama/Biden Troop Surge Hypocrisy; Lies, Lies, Lies

He really is that arrogant that he cannot admit he was wrong, isn't he?

In Friday's speech at Camp LeJeune, Dear Leader congratulates The Marines for their contribution to the success of the troop surge, without actually saying the words:

Thanks in great measure to your service, the situation in Iraq has improved. Violence has been reduced substantially from the horrific sectarian killing of 2006 and 2007. Al Qaeda in Iraq has been dealt a serious blow by our troops and Iraq's Security Forces, and through our partnership with Sunni Arabs. The capacity of Iraq's Security Forces has improved, and Iraq's leaders have taken steps toward political accommodation. The relative peace and strong participation in January's provincial elections sent a powerful message to the world about how far Iraqis have come in pursuing their aspirations through a peaceful political process.

The video below compiles excerpts from Joe Biden and Barack Obama slamming the Bush troop surge, claiming it would never work. Hypocrites indeed. It's not any breaking news, but another example of repeated hypocrisy and lies.

I really wonder what the military thinks of their new Commander-in-Chief behind closed doors?

President Obama is arrogant, radical, dishonest and dangerous.

(Hat Tip: Powerline)

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