Friday, February 27, 2009

VIDEO: Gov. Mitt Romney Slams Obama Plan As Dangerous & Immoral

Mitt Romney on "Hannity" discussing the Obama stimulus package, and America's economic future. Aired 2/26/09 on Fox News.

Hannity and Romney explain, in a nut shell, why Obamanomics is lethal to America!

Indeed, a frightening reality!

The Obama budget will destroy the dollar; destroy capitalism, and destroy America.

Support a Republican Revolution in the 2010 Congressional elections! It's the only way to protect our future!

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  1. Mitt Romney is the right man to explain how the economy. He explains things in a way that everyone can understand. He is so right as well. Republicans in Congress need to stop this before Obama destroys the economy and single-handily into a full-blown depression.

  2. Well, I entirely agree with Mitt Romney. And besides, in my personal opinion, it's nothing in the stimulus package. Because the over all impact is much less of what we need. Out of $787B package, around $290B comes in the form of tax cuts, $100B business tax cuts and etch. All of which goes to the top 10% of the income distribution.

    $4M foreclosures filings, $3M bankruptcy, and another $3M foreclosures this year. This is what dragging down the net worth of the economy. I think Obama is going down very similar path to the Bush administration. Buying all the assets of America to take control of the institution is a kind of retirement security. I really disappointed with the 1st month of Obama administration.

    I guess keep on aiming to those having unpaid taxes like Scott Murphy will help. Scott Murphy is around 10% or the total unpaid taxes.

    Scott Murphy for Congress Tax Liens