Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bill O'Reilly Slams Leftist Liberal Womens' Rights Advocate! Women Hate Sarah Palin Just Because She Is A Threat To Radical Socialist Left Wing Agenda

Thank you Bill O' Reilly for finally proving that "women's rights groups" are not feminists, they are not advocates for women's rights, they are simply in the tank for radical Left wing Socialist agenda.

I have refrained from mentioning this before, but now it's time.

During the campaign/election cycle I repeatedly heard women, whom I admire, whom I respect and whom I identify as basically good people, bash Sarah Palin.

And by no means am I a chauvinist. As a real American I whole-heartedly support equality among the sexes, among the races, among political persuasion, among sexual-orientation and every other "protected" class.

But these are real things I heard from real people. People who are my friends and people who have the right to share his/her opinion.

Their reasons can be summed up in the following two statements:

"Sarah Palin is an idiot!" (based simply on Tina Fey's humorous, yet satirical impersonation.) Nothing against Tina Fey -- SNL has satirized equally all public figures without regard for party affiliation -- but the media-induced satire BECAME reality.

"Sarah Palin is going to set back women in this country 30 years" implying that John McCain would have died in office and Palin would assume the Presidency and overturn Roe vs. Wade.

The simple fact that most Americans think the President can snap his/her fingers and change a law proves that the majority of Americans are ridiculously uninformed on how government works. Not the readers of this blog -- by the very fact that you are even here proves you have some knowledge, regardless of political persuasion -- I'm talking about everyone else.

If advocates of "women's rights" truly cared about protecting women in this country they would have rallied en masse to defend the Liberal media's character assassination of Sarah Palin. If women's rights was simply that, and not politically motivated, they would have defended her.

And none did. Not one women's organization came to her defense.

Why? Because they are not interested in women's rights, they are solely interested in being sycophantic subservients to the radical Left wing Socialist Marxist Totalitarian agenda being forced down America's collective throats.

And they inappropriately fantasize about our President.

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  1. And one must wonder what those womens groups would have said to defend her. "Stop asking her questions that we would expect any other candidate to answer -- she's a woman!" comes to mind. Or how about "Don't replay those clips of her not knowing anything about foreign policy, explaining how proximity to Russia makes her qualified to be VPUSA, not being able to name a single Supreme Court decision she disagreed with other than Roe v Wade (despite having noted there were others), and not even knowing her own co-maverick's mavericky record of maverickness. She's a woman!" How in the world is holding a woman to a LESSER standard doing something to uphold woman's rights? She wasn't qualified, period. It was a pathetic, pandering choice that backfired badly on McCain. Sarah Palin is good at giving fiery speeches that attack others, but not much more than that. Interesting though that this same self proclaimed proud "washington outsider" recently decided to blow off house republicans to stand in line to shake Obama's hand at very elite insider Washington dinner...