Saturday, February 14, 2009

Change: Crazy Liberal Moonbats Want "Domestic Terrorists" Republicans "Prosecuted", "Jailed", "Eliminated", and Killed "Painfully";

OHHH!!!! I get it!

THIS must be what Obama meant by change and the end of partisan politics! Eliminate the voice of opposition (aka: the voice of reason).

...voiced by those like Mike Malloy who called Republicans "domestic terrorists" and wants to prosecute them.

So what was the reaction to Malloy's intolerance by his fellow leftwingers?

Unfortunately, it was met by strong approval as one can see in this Democratic Underground thread titled, "Mike Malloy: The Republican Party Needs to be Eliminated." The posts on that thread go way beyond the mere castigation of Republicans and enter into the realm of primitive blood lust. Perhaps you will find it disturbing to read some of the psychotic posts but you ignore them at your own peril:

We must for the sake of the Country and the World, bring them down, expose them, vote them out and prosecute them and if necessary jail them. They must go now and asap.

a strategic hamlet program for republicans. they call themselves an insurgency, we need to use counterinsurgent tactics.

Eliminated with extreme prejudice. By any means necessary.

that party needs to die a swift, merciless, painful death.

You can see a more complete compendium of these DUer Thought Police rantings at the DUmmie FUnnies.

So are these opinions about criminalizing political thought merely the fantasies of sanity-challenged DUers who have a well-deserved reputation for crazed rantings? Unfortunately, such attitudes reach up even into the U.S. Senate. The prime example being the call by Senator Patrick Leahy and supported by fellow Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for a so-called "Truth Commission."

Leahy is claiming that his goal is not to prosecute people. Ironically, if there were ever anybody who needs investigating for improprieties, it would be Leahy himself as you can see in his Wikipedia entry:

During his tenure as Vice-Chairman of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Leahy leaked a number of pieces of classified information, which led to his resignation from the committee. Leaks included information about a Reagan plan to topple the Gaddhafi regime in Libya, and another regarding the Iran-Contra affair. He deemed the Iran-Contra leak "careless" and accepted blame. There is a possibility that a leak of his led to the death of a covert agent in Egypt.

Despite, Leahy's disingenuous claim not to seek prosecutions, many of his fellow leftwingers are upfront about their call for such action. Of course, such prosecutions would conveniently overlook the leaking record of Leahy himself.
Whether it is called Fairness Doctrine or Truth Commission, it is all part and parcel of what the DUers are openly calling for...the suppression and criminalization of political thought. Welcome to Oceana.


Watch out for Thoughtpolice in your neighborhood!

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