Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BREAKING: Senate Passes CRAPulus 61-37; Final Bill Complete With Golf Cart Tax Breaks and Bureacrat Office Renovations

From Fox News:

The Senate approved an $838 billion economic recovery package bill Tuesday, as Democrats held on to the few Republican supporters who helped hammer out a compromise measure last week.

The bill passed by a vote of 61-37. Sixty votes were needed.


The CRAPulus now includes this crap:

The Latest Version Of The Spending Bill Includes New Cars For The Government, Golf Cart Tax Breaks, And Bureaucrat Office Renovations

• $300 Million for Federal Employee Company Cars And Neighborhood Electric Vehicles: (Pg. 96 of the Collins-Nelson Amendment, “For capital expenditures and necessary expenses of acquiring motor vehicles with higher fuel economy, including: hybrid vehicles; neighborhood electric vehicles; electric vehicles; and commercially-available, plug-in hybrid vehicles, $300,000,000”)

• $3 Million Tax Benefit For Golf Carts, Electric Motorcycles and ATVs (That Don’t Exceed 25mph): (Pg.474 of the Collins-Nelson Amendment, “Credit for certain other vehicles… meets the requirements of section 571.500 of title 49, Code of Federal Regulations;” And “Estimated Effects of the Cantwell Amendment,” Joint Committee on Taxation, 2/06/09)

• $125 Million for DC Sewers: (Pg. 94 of the Collins-Nelson Amendment, “$125,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2010, to continue implementation of the Combined Sewer Overflow Long-Term Control Plan”)

• $1.652 Billion for Government Facilities And Renovations: (Pg.3 of the Collins-Nelson Amendment, Government facilities upgrades for the Department of Agriculture, $200M; Pg.41 of the Collins-Nelson Amendment, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, $377M; Pg.124 of the Collins-Nelson Amendment, the Smithsonian Institution, $75M; Pg.130 of the Collins-Nelson Amendment, the Health Resources and Services Administration, $88M; Pg.130 of the Collins-Nelson Amendment, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, $412M; Pg.133 of the Collins-Nelson Amendment, the National Institutes of Health, $500M)


CRAPulus (krap-yuh-luhs)
noun, verb CRAPulized, CRAPuloused
1. Generational Theft Act of 2009
2. Congressional Radical Anti-American Pork
3. Congress Ruins America With Pork
4. Congress Raped America People
5. Slang: Sometimes Vulgar.
a. nonsense; drivel.
b. falsehood, exaggeration, propaganda, or the like.
6. refuse; rubbish; junk; litter: Will you clean up that crapulus!
1.crapulus around, Slang: Sometimes Vulgar.
a. to behave in a foolish or silly manner.
b.to avoid work.
2. crapulus on, Slang: Sometimes Vulgar.
a. to treat badly, esp. by humiliating, insulting, or slighting.
b. to cause misery, misfortune, or discomfort.
3. crapulus up, Slang: Sometimes Vulgar. to botch, ruin, or cheapen; make a mess of.

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