Sunday, February 8, 2009

Newsweek Celebrates: "We Are All Socialists Now"

Newsweek champions and celebrates Obama socialism and wants us all to just shut up and accept it. Maybe they'll be the first in line for the Government controlled Totalitarian media that's coming to a US city near you!

Well, we're not buying it and never well. Liberal media scum!

Highlights from the piece of garbage:

The interview was nearly over. on the Fox News Channel last Wednesday evening, Sean Hannity was coming to the end of a segment with Indiana Congressman Mike Pence, the chair of the House Republican Conference and a vociferous foe of President Obama's nearly $1 trillion stimulus bill. How, Pence had asked rhetorically, was $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts going to put people back to work in Indiana? How would $20 million for "fish passage barriers" (a provision to pay for the removal of barriers in rivers and streams so that fish could migrate freely) help create jobs? Hannity could not have agreed more. "It is … the European Socialist Act of 2009," the host said, signing off. "We're counting on you to stop it. Thank you, congressman."

Hannity, for the record, is right. Newsweek is dead wrong.

There it was, just before the commercial: the S word, a favorite among conservatives since John McCain began using it during the presidential campaign. (Remember Joe the Plumber? Sadly, so do we.) But it seems strangely beside the point. The U.S. government has already—under a conservative Republican administration—effectively nationalized the banking and mortgage industries. That seems a stronger sign of socialism than $50 million for art. Whether we want to admit it or not—and many, especially Congressman Pence and Hannity, do not—the America of 2009 is moving toward a modern European state.

Excuse me, but Treasury Secretary Giethner (who was a HUGE voice in the TARP program) said this was NOT nationalizing the banks. And the Joe the Plumber jab... well... Joe, unlike the media, dared to question Obama on his plan to "redistribute wealth" (Marxist socialism) so why would Obama-loving socialists have anything nice to say.

And yes, sadly, we are moving towards socialism under Obama, but that does not make it acceptable! It's still wrong and anti-America!

And calling John McCain a "conservative" is like calling Barack Obama "moderate".

We remain a center-right nation in many ways—particularly culturally, and our instinct, once the crisis passes, will be to try to revert to a more free-market style of capitalism—but it was, again, under a conservative GOP administration that we enacted the largest expansion of the welfare state in 30 years: prescription drugs for the elderly. People on the right and the left want government to invest in alternative energies in order to break our addiction to foreign oil. And it is unlikely that even the reddest of states will decline federal money for infrastructural improvements.

Nobody is arguing against infrastructure spending. Republicans are actually arguing for MORE of it, since it's barely a fraction of this CRAP-ulus debacle! Infrastructure improvements were the centerpiece of then President-Elect Obama's original stimulus plan -- but he made the mistake of allowing Pelosi to bastardize the bill and mutate it into the payback-handout-welfare-entitlement-mortgage-cradle to grave monstrosity it has become.

Newsweek is misrepresenting the facts. Again, not surprising.

If we fail to acknowledge the reality of the growing role of government in the economy, insisting instead on fighting 21st-century wars with 20th-century terms and tactics, then we are doomed to a fractious and unedifying debate. The sooner we understand where we truly stand, the sooner we can think more clearly about how to use government in today's world.

Wow, sounds just like Obama's "tired politics" hypocrisy. So let it be said, so let it be written. The One says it, the media repeats it.

As the Obama administration presses the largest fiscal bill in American history, caps the salaries of executives at institutions receiving federal aid at $500,000 and introduces a new plan to rescue the banking industry, the unemployment rate is at its highest in 16 years. The Dow has slumped to 1998 levels, and last year mortgage foreclosures rose 81 percent.

"Natural catastrophe" We're all gonna die! It's Armageddon! The Bama said so!

The architect of this new era of big government? History has a sense of
humor, for the man who laid the foundations for the world Obama now rules is George W. Bush, who moved to bail out the financial sector last autumn with $700 billion.

Yup, that's right, keep blaming Bush for everything. Newsweek is seriously implying that Obama's Socialist agenda is continuing the policies of George Bush? Not only is this totally off the mark, but if it were true, then wouldn't this negate Obama's whole "change" crap?

In the short run, since neither consumers nor business is likely to do it, the government will have to stimulate the economy. And in the long run, an aging population and global warming and higher energy costs will demand more government taxing and spending.

"Neither consumers nor business is likely to do it"... oh, that's right. I forgot, government knows best. People are stupid. Only government can run your life. What a bunch of Marxist baloney.

Having pumped the economy up with a stimulus, the president will have to cut the growth of entitlement spending by holding down health care and retirement costs and still invest in ways that will produce long-term growth. Obama talks of the need for smart government. To get the balance between America and France right, the new president will need all the smarts he can summon.

Can we wait until the CRAP-ulus is actually voted on in the Senate (and subsequent Senate/House conference) before we celebrate how it has "pumped the economy"? Jesus. And saying the President will have to "cut" entitlement? What do you think this CRAP-ulus is -- one massive entitlement bill!

Newsweek is so very wrong in its analysis. So wrong. Liberal MSM bowing down the Obamessiah yet again.

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