Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Obama: Company Plans To Rehire If Stimulus Is Passed

This just sounds fishy. Something reeks of corruption. I'm not getting it. What does Caterpillar getting out of the stimulus.

No earmarks, right?

From Breitbart via Drudge:

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama says Caterpillar's chief executive has told him the company will rehire some laid-off workers if the stimulus bill passes.

The heavy equipment maker announced more than 22,000 job cuts last month as it scales back production amid the economic slowdown.

During a visit to a transportation construction site just outside Washington in Springfield, Va., on Wednesday, Obama urged Congress to pass the bill.

The House and Senate are working out differences between competing versions of the legislation.

Obama said Caterpillar's CEO has told him that if the stimulus bill passes he would be able to rehire some of those employees.

Obama is to speak with some of those workers on Thursday when he visits a Caterpillar manufacturing plant in Peoria, Ill.

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