Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crapulus, Stimulus Update: Total Cost Could Exceed $3.27 Trillion, Not Just $789 Billion; Pelosi Adds Deleted Crap Back Into Bill

If you feel like firing all members of Congress, you can...'s only 20 months until Election Day 2010.

For now, we're stuck with these Radical Liberal Moonbats who are raping the American tax payer and mortgaging our future.

From The Foundry at Heritage:

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) asked the Congressional Budget Office to estimate the impact of permanently extending the 20 most popular provisions of the stimulus bill. What did the CBO find? As you can see from the table below, the true 10 year cost of the stimulus bill $2.527 trillion in in spending with another $744 billion cost in debt servicing. Total bill for the Generational Theft Act: $3.27 trillion.

Michelle Malkin has the recent additions to the CRAPulus that were hashed out behind closed doors with no Republican input. Take note that the Nelson-Collins amendment, which helped get 3 Senators to vote for the bill, was essentially scrapped yesterday. Collins pledge to vote against the bill if it was returned to the Senate with more spending.

- $9 billion for school construction was added back in (originally cut by Nelson-Collins)

$5 billion increase for the state fiscal stabilization fund (originally cut by Nelson-Collins), making it a grand total of $53.6 billion

$2 billion for neighborhood stabilization program, money for groups like ACORN

$1 billion added back for Prevention & Wellness Programs, including STD education

Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research was added back in, leading Americans down the path towards healthcare rationing (63 patient advocacy groups signed a letter voicing their concerns with this provision)


Money for highways and bridges was cut by $1 billion from the House-passed level

· Tax relief to help middle class families and small businesses was sharply pared back in order to increase government spending. Public opinion over the last 4 weeks has shown that Americans overwhelming believe tax cuts, and not government spending, are a better way to stimulate the economy.

· Approximately $75 billion in true tax relief was CUT from the Nelson-Collins package. So, while the overall size of the package may have gotten slightly smaller, the spending actually increased.

And from House Minority Leader John Boehner's blog:

Democrats’ trillion-dollar spending bill provides $1.10 per day in tax relief to workers, while saddling every American family with $6,500 in added debt.

Following are some very tentative quick facts on the trillion-dollar “stimulus” spending deal slated to be rushed through the House and Senate today or tomorrow by Congressional Democrats, as compiled by the Office of House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH). These are based on best estimates on legislative text and scoring and may be subject to revision.

1. Generational Theft. The final agreement will cost each and every household more than $6,500 in additional debt, paid for by our children and grandchildren.

2. Paltry Tax Relief for Working Families and Small Businesses. The “Making Work Pay” tax credit at the center of the plan amounts to $1.10 a day, not even enough to ride the bus one-way to work. According to the Associated Press, “Officials estimated [the bill’s tax relief provisions] would mean about $13 a week more in people’s paychecks when withholding tables are adjusted in late spring. Critics say that’s unlikely to do much to boost consumption.” (Taylor, Andrew; “Economic stimulus package on track for final votes,” Associated Press, 12 Feb 09). While the specifics remain unknown, it appears likely that tax relief to help small businesses — the primary engine of American job creation — represents even less of a share of the final tax package, and it had been only a tiny percentage of the overall package to begin with.

3. Massive Government Expansion. The final agreement is almost as much as the annual discretionary budget for the entire federal government.

4. A Trillion-Dollar Spending Bill. The $789.5 billion final agreement slated for a House vote either today or tomorrow will exceed more than $1 trillion when adding in the interest of approximately $300 billion between 2009-2019.

5. Unnecessary Spending That Won’t Create Jobs. Apparently included in the final “jobs” bill is money for plug-in vehicles, money for STD prevention, and money for ACORN (via the Neighborhood Stabilization Program and CDBG program). The final agreement also creates new programs and funds existing programs that can be used to fund earmarks and pork-barrel projects.

Further details and analysis to come, as details become available.

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