Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Nelson/Collins "Amendment" to CRAAP Spending "stimulus" Bill; Slightly Less Expensive CRAAP You Can Believe In

This is the garbage they settled on? 3 "Republican" Senators sold their souls to Liberal totalitarianism over this? 3 "Republican" Senators mortgaged our future over this?

Here's what they saved. Here is the Great Compromise!

$108,084,500,000. That's $108 Billion or roughly 12% of the original Senate version of the Congressional Radical Anti-American Pork (CRAAP) Spending Bill of 2009.

Just last week, Sen Ben Nelson (D-NE) had this to say: "We need to sit down and see who owns these projects. We need to keep (the bill's cost in check) and see if we cant change around what's underneath that to create more jobs."

Yet in this CRAAP "compromise" with the sell-out Collins (and Snowe and Specter), they didn't eliminate anything that won't actually create any new jobs, they just lowered some numbers here and there.

Sen. Collins tries to defend herself and save face to Fox News. She said if the CRAAP returns from Senate/House conference with the same about of garbage she will vote against it. Huh? Why did you vote for it this time then?

By Democrat Logic and Democrat Math (I know, oxymoronic, right!) the exaggerated cost of this CRAAP is necessary to create the jobs and bring us out the "natural catastrophe" fire and brimstone cataclysmic Armageddon economy that we'll face without it.

So by that logic, won't this actually create fewer jobs? I thought they were going to take out the CRAAP of the bill which was not going to create jobs.

They didn't take anything out, they are just paying less.

By Obama-rithmatic, then, they are creating 12% fewer jobs.

This equates to roughly 500,000 fewer jobs in Obamanomics. And about 140,000 fewer jobs using the CBO estimates.

End result? We're spending $800 Billion - $1 Trillion to create somwhere between 1 million and 3.5 million jobs, despite no guarantee from anyone that a single job will be created and that our Vice President reminded us we have a 30% of complete failure.

Or between $230,000/job in Obamanomics or more than $500,000/job using the CBO's estimates.

This is beyond astounding, beyond outrageous.

This is "shameful" and "irresponsible", Mr. President.

It is, very much, an abomination.

Welcome to ObamaNation, America. This is the change you asked for.

Michelle Malkin has more.

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