Wednesday, February 4, 2009

11 of 18 Most Wanted Saudis Are Former Guantanamo Prisoners

Not even commenting on this one. We've said enough. More Jihad For Dummies.

The AP reported:

The Saudi government acknowledged Wednesday that 11 men on the country's most wanted list are former Guantanamo prisoners who went through rehabilitation, raising doubts about a program intended to counter extremist religious ideology.

President Barack Obama signed an executive order closing down the prison in Cuba on Jan. 22 — his second day in office — leaving nations scrambling over what to do with a potential flood of released detainees.

Some 133 of Guantanamo's over 700 inmates were Saudi, according to Interior Ministry spokesman Gen. Mansour al-Turki, and 117 have returned to Saudi Arabia and been through rehabilitation programs.

From Long War Journal has more of these "rehabilitated jihadists" including that one of the terrorists on the list operates a major al Qaeda network on Iranian soil.

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  1. Why did the Bush Admin let them go vs. prosecuting them? Gitmo closing has nothing to do with that does it?

  2. Also if these are Saudi's, uh, did we invade the wrong country?