Thursday, February 5, 2009

Maddow DARES To Criticize Ronald Reagan? MSNBC And Rachel Maddow Are Hateful, Vile, Disgusting UnAmerican Slime The Liberal Media Has Crossed The Line

All Americans, not just Conservatives must watch this. She must be silenced. This is hurtful to America. Seriously.

WARNING: "Sick Bag" required.

Pun (Unintentionally) Intended: Rachel Maddow truly is a "Sick Bag".

Rachel Maddow. The anger you incite in Americans is perverse, arrogant, wrong and hateful.

You and anyone who watches your vile show or listens to your amateurish radio show can all pack up your things and move the hell out of America!

You clearly want Socialism, Communism, and Totalitarianism. Then take your vile pig face and pack up your sh*t and move to Europe. Move to Afghanistan. Move to China. Move to Soviet Russia. Move anywhere where you will be silenced by vicious, violent, anti-Woman radical Socialist who you so endear.

F*** You Rachel Maddow! You are more vile and disgusting and unpatriotic than Chris Matthews could ever hope to be!

Who the hell do you think you are, Rachel Maddow! You are NO ONE! You are not even a speck on the historical radar. How dare you!

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  1. You are unintentionally funny. Get a grip, its Reagan, not God and for what its worth, neither she nor her guest actually said anthing bad about him.

    What I love though is how you don't think anything should or can say anything about any of the conservatives -- trying to silence the media! fairness doctrine! etc, -- and then here you are once again going to an extreme of what you accuse others of doing. Hysterical.

  2. The comment to "silence" Rachel Maddow was, in fact, a veiled reference to how absurd the fairness doctrine really is. Glad you picked up on that. Of course Maddow is entitled to her opinion, albeit wrong on every level.

    No, Reagan is not God, but neither is your Obamamessiah.

  3. But Raygun is your messiah, isn't he?