Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More CRAAP "Stimulus" $2 Million For More Neon In Vegas; $500,000 For A Dog Park, $6 Million For Waterslides, $886,000 For "Frisbee" Golf

The Hall of Justice is asking for over $10,000,000. This recession is worse than we thought.

President Obama asked for "shovel ready" projects from America's mayors for "infrastructure" items to be included in the Congressional Radical Anti-American Pork (CRAAP) "Stimulus" bill.

Here some highlights of the CRAAP.

Austin, Texas Building a 36-hole "Frisbee" golf course $886,000
Jobs created: 4
Cost per job: $221,500

Boynton Beach, Fla. Development of an "eco park" with butterfly garden $4.5 million
Jobs created: 50
Cost per job: $90,000

Shreveport. LA Purchase of eight police-equipped Harley-Davidson motorcycles
Jobs created:1
Cost per job: $150,000

Chula Vista, Calif. Construction of a dog park $500,000
Jobs created: 7
Cost per job: $71,429

Las Vegas, which by some accounts already glitters, wants $2 million for neon signs.

Boynton Beach, Fla., is looking for $4.5 million for an "eco park" featuring butterfly gardens and gopher tortoises.

And Chula Vista, Calif., would like $500,000 to create a place for dogs to run off the leash.

Among entries on Lincoln's (NE) list is a $3 million environmentally friendly clubhouse for a municipal golf course. "From a public perception standpoint, I see how it could be an issue," Mr. MacLean says. But, he says, construction would create 54 jobs.

In Randolph, Vt., Town Manager Gary Champy says federal money to fix "old and pockmarked" roads in his town would lift the mood of residents, because "they'd feel like the government was working for them." He adds: "This money isn't going to banks."

Shreveport, La., has $2.3 billion in projects ready to go. Mayor Cedric Glover's priority is repairing roads, but he's also asking $6 million for three aquatic centers with water slides, which he says would improve quality of life and create construction jobs.

And he would like the U.S. to buy Shreveport eight new Harley-Davidson motorcycles for its cops. This item would produce little local hiring, he acknowledges, but "Harley-Davidson is a great American company. Orders coming from municipalities like ours to a company like that certainly would be stimulative."

San Bernadino, Calif., wants $1.1 million for park improvements, including a skateboard ramp and two "splash-park installations."

Austin, Texas, could use $886,000 to build a 36-hole "disc golf" course, for frisbee tossing. It would be "environmentally and financially sustainable."
More CRAAP we dug up from The United States Conference of Mayors Mainstreet Economic Recovery; Obama's so-called "shovel ready" projects.

Akron OH $490,000 Green & Yellow LED replacement in traffic signal
Jobs created: 4
Cost per job: $122,500

Akron OH Next Bus Destination signs $1,000,000
$1 Million for "Next Bus" signs? huh?

Alameda, CA $500,000 Replace windows and trim at City Hall and the Veterans Memorial Building.

Albany, NY $2 Million St. Joseph's Academy Artist's Loft Conversion - conversion of an existing vacant school into artists' loft housing and community space.

Arlington, TX $2,100,000 Hugh Smith Recreation Center Replacement
Jobs created: 4
Cost per job: $525,000

Arlington, TX $1,000,000 Skate Park Development
Jobs created: 10
Cost per job: $100,000.... for a skate park. Come on!

Athens, GA $300,000 to Purchase 10 hybrid vehicles

Bessemer, AL $750,000 Weed and Seed program for at risk youth.
Jobs created: 4
Cost per job: $187,500

Bridgeport, CT $20,000,000 Hurricane Barriers & Flood Control Gates Installation Project
Hurricane in Connecticut? $20 Million?

Burlington, VT $3,500,000 Waterfront Bike path reconstruction

Carmel, IN $2,500,000 Central Park Aquatic Center Phase II - Construction of additional water slide and wave pool.
Water parks stimulate the economy!

Chula Vista, CA $5,000,000 Open space brush clearance, citywide
Open space brush clearance? Isn't that where brush is supposed to be? In open spaces?

Dayton, OH $3,000,000 New and expanded parks and green spaces resulting from demolition of nuisance housing
What is "nuisance housing"? Loud, noisy neighbors?

Detroit, MI $350,000 Infectious disease outreach
Jobs created: 2
Cost per job: $175,000

Detroit, MI $4,000,000 Remove 40,000 dead ash and sliver maple trees
Jobs created: 5
Cost per job: $800,000.... Uh... what?!?!?

Gastonia, NC $10,000,000 Project BIG SPLASH - An acronym for "Bringing Investment to Gastonia in Support of a Project Linking Aquatics, Sports and Hospitality." Project includes an aquatics center, fitness facility, and quality meeting space.
Yeah, another water park!

Indianapolis, IN $2,000,000 Replace and reposition 200 planters. Add additional planters in key areas.
Jobs created: 10
Cost per job: $200,000

Las Vegas, NV $55,000,000 Las Vegas Historic Post Office Museum Rehabilitation

Lima, OH $10,500,000 Hall of Justice renovations
Hall of Justice? The Superfriends need a bailout now?

Pine Bluff, AR $1,400,000 City Water Park - This project involves the construction of a recreational water attraction for youth and families.
Another damn water park!

Portland, ME $2,000,000 Skateboard Park at Dougherty Field
Jobs created: 12
Cost per job: $166,667
These skate park makers are making bank!

Providence, RI $4,800,000 Roger Williams Park Zoo - Polar Bear Exhibit

San Juan, PR $5,000,000 Fishing village (La Puntilla)
Fishing village?

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