Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daschle In Hot Water; Even New York Times Call For Him To Step Aside; Another Obama Nominee Withdrawls Due to "Tax Issues"

Looks like reality has arrived in The Promised Land. Rough day for Obama when even the New York Times disagrees!

Maybe we should all refuse to pay taxes this year? Oh wait, that might actually stimulate the economy; Liberals would not want that to happen.

From NY Times

Unfortunately, new facts have come to light — involving his failure to pay substantial taxes that were owed and his sizable income from health-related companies while he worked in the private sector — that call into question his suitability for the job. We believe that Mr. Daschle ought to step aside and let the president choose a less-blemished successor.

This comes the same day that Nancy Killefer, Obama's choice for Chief Performance Officer (whatever that is) withdrew her nomination due to "tax issues".

From Times Online:
The controversies that have dogged President Obama's administration continued to mount today, with Nancy Killefer asking for her nomination as his Chief Performance Officer to be withdrawn because of a "tax issue". Her decision followed similar problems with Tim Geithner and Tom Daschle over their failure to pay back taxes that have tarnished the President's promise of a new ethical standard in American government.

Fox News reports that Jim DeMint becomes the first Senator to call for Daschle to step down.
Republican Sen. Jim DeMint on Tuesday called for President Obama to withdraw the nomination of Tom Daschle for health and human services secretary, becoming the first senator to say that the former majority leader's tax problems are disqualifying.

Several other newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Globe, and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, also have called for Daschle to withdraw.

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