Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rahm Emanual Will Oversee 2010 Census, Congressional Redistricting, Eternal Obama Socialism Voting Majority At Stake

This cannot be good.

Secretary of the Census will now report to Rahmbo "Dead Fish" Emanuel instead of Commerce Secretary designee Judd Gregg, a Republican.

Think about it. The Census is used, among other things, for redistricting of congressional districts.

Remember, the Congressional Radical Anti-American Pork (CRAAP) Spending bill includes $1 Billion dollars "to minimize undercounting of minorites" in the 2010 Census.

Now why do you suppose Liberals would have to make sure they know where every single minority lives? Because they actually care about that? Or because they want to make sure groups like ACORN get them to vote for Obama in 2012?

In another disgusting display of the Obama-mania media, the NY Times had this warning/reminder in Wednesday's editorial page.

The census is used to allocate federal aid to states and draw electoral districts. Given all that, one would think that the White House would be paying more attention. It isn’t. A director of the census, who must be confirmed by the Senate, has yet to be named.

In his confirmation hearing, Mr. Gregg must explain what he would do to get the 2010 census back on track. Before that, Mr. Obama must choose a competent director and pledge his administration’s full support to spend whatever is necessary to salvage the count.

This is not good. Not good at all.

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  1. What is the current role Rahm Emanuel will be playing in the Census and, perhaps more importantly, redistricting? (1/8/10)