Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cold War 2.0: It's Baaaack! Russia Outbids US For Kyrgyzstan Air Base; Russia Promises "Support"; Obama Has Screwed Us In Just 2 Weeks

This is not good. Not good at all. The Russians and Iranians are taunting Obama. They are calling his bluff. Seriously. Pay attention.

We're screwed.


In a setback to the escalating U.S. military efforts in Afghanistan , the president of Kyrgyzstan said Tuesday that his government will shut down the American air base in his country.

U.S. officials say that the Manas Air Base is vital to plans to send an additional 30,000 American troops to Afghanistan , a linchpin of President Barack Obama's efforts to pacify the country.

The announcement by President Kurmanbek Bakiyev came in Moscow , not in his own capital, and shortly after the Russian government reportedly agreed to lend Kyrgyzstan $2 billion , write off $180 million in debt and add another $150 million in aid. Although the Russian government didn't release a statement about the decision, the timing and place of the announcement indicated that the Kremlin had been involved.

The Russian government has been pushing to restore its clout in the former Soviet sphere of influence — despite deep economic problems at home — a trend that most analysts say will make Obama's dealings with Russia delicate at best.

Well, again, we have to turn to the European media (Who have lived through Radical Marxist Socialism and seen its utter failure) who do not want to have sex with Obama to explain.

From The Guardian:

US attempts to supply coalition troops fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan were in danger of suffering a major setback today after Kyrgyzstan signalled it was considering shutting down a key US military base.

The central Asian republic is contemplating closing down the US military facility near its capital Bishkek. The Manas airbase - home to 1,000 US army personnel since 2001 - is a key staging post for coalition forces fighting in nearby Afghanistan.

Both US and Nato commanders have expressed dismay at the possible closure. It comes at a time when Nato is desperately trying to expand its supply routes to Afghanistan via the northern countries of central Asia following a series of devastating attacks on truck convoys from Pakistan.

Russia has been pressuring Kyrgyzstan to evict the Americans, amid unease in Russia's military at the US's growing footprint in central Asia, an area Moscow regards as its backyard. The Kyrgyz president Kurmanbek Bakiyev was today in Moscow holding talks with Russia's president Dmitry Medvedev.


Now I'm really angry.

The facts are clear. We were "out bid" by Russia for roughly $500 Million dollars but the Marxist Radicals are content to spend $900 Billion on the Congressional Radical Anti-American Pork (CRAAP) Act.

This is great. Obama campaigned on a promise to move the "war on terror" (which they do not call it) from Iraq to Afghanistan yet Obama let Afghanistan slip away over a few hundred million.

The $335 Million in "STD Research" -- which will do nothing to stimulate jobs, nothing to stimulate the economy and is nothing more than a payback to the inner city and gay population for their votes (yeah, I went there and it's true; not an idealogical statement, just the truth) -- would have been enough to afford to protect American troops and protect American national security.

There, I said it, Obama is more concerned about paying back the radical organizations who helped him get elected than he is about winning the war on terror and protecting Americans.

The Left wing nut job media, not surprisingly, has come out in droves to slam former Vice President Dick Cheney's terror warning, yet nothing about the REALITY of real terror threats! (I encourage all Conservatives...if you can stomach it to watch Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow once in a while. It is sick, un-Patriotic, vile and what we are up against. What happened to America?)

This Presidency is a JOKE! It's 2 weeks old and Barack Obama has mortgaged our future, set us up for mass disaster and has made us the laughing stock of Iran, Russia, the EU and Canada.

Congratulations to the 54% of American voters who elected this Marxist. You have successfully destroyed America.

What do you do for an encore? Spit on Mount Vernon and Monticello? Why don't you give the radical nuts in Iran -- who are burning American flags and pictures of Obama -- copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to fuel the fire!

Thank you! Thank you all you Socialist radical nuts for destroying America from within. Terrorists don't have to threaten us anymore; the Liberal Left Wing Media has successfully duped American into ruining itself.

This is an outrage. This is Marxist socialism run amock in America.

Thank you very little!

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  1. Superb observations and summary. Obama is in way, way over his head now. I am delighted to see the GOP waking up quickly to the fact that his bipartisan speil is just a smokescreen, as Pelosi, Reid, and Obama have no interest in any balanced proposals... they are out to rape the country in the name of their constituents, who have now learned that they can vote themselves access to your money... while saying "G.D. America" the whole way.