Monday, February 2, 2009

Rep. Michelle Bachmann and Mark Levin Discuss President Obama's Meeting With Congress About The Controversial Stimulus Bill

Minnesota Congressman Michele Bachmann appeared on The Mark Levin Show on Monday, February 2nd.

She talked to Mark about the President's meeting with Congress on Capitol Hill prior to last week's "Stimulus" vote.

She mentioned something the President told the Representatives that she was surprised has gotten little coverage.

She says Obama referred to the Congressional Radical Anti-American (CRAAP) "Stimulus" as just "the first leg on a stool". The President intends to have ANOTHER SPENDING BILL for the financial services sector and ANOTHER SPENDING BILL for the housing/mortgage crisis.

Bachmann and Levin then pondered if there is to be another finanical services bailout then what was the point of the $700 Billion Bailout from last year.

Bachmann mentioned that during the hour-long meeting with Obama, he answered just 6 questions.

Six questions. That is the President's definition of bipartisan. $1 Trillion and the GOP is only allowed six questions.

Finally, Bachmann mentioned the President commented on tax increases for wealthy Americans by saying he "could afford to pay a little more" since he lives in a "pretty nice house down the street" and does not "pay property taxes".

All fine and good for a man with no expenses who lives in The People's House, but what about the real world, Mr. President? Less than two weeks and you have forgotten how the rest of us live?

Michele Bachmann: The perils of spending like it's 1929
Policies initiated by Hoover and continued by FDR led only to misery.

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