Thursday, January 15, 2009

Details of Obama's Stimulus Released. Economic Plan Full of Pork, Despite Obama's Promise, Republicans Not Consulted, Where's The "Change"?

What's this all about? You mean Obama lied to us? That there wouldn't be any pork in his economic stimulus? He said he would fix the economy and put people back to work, right?

Redstate dug this up today.

Despite a promise from President-elect Barack Obama to listen to Republican ideas, the plan distributed by House Democrats today includes not a single GOP proposal. House Republican Leader John Boehner wasn’t even consulted:

This is the first time Republicans and the American people have seen any specifics on the proposal congressional Democrats intend to pass, and what we’re seeing is disappointing. The plan released this morning by congressional Democrats was developed with no Republican input and appears to be grounded in the flawed notion that we can simply borrow and spend our way back to prosperity. It calls for more than half a trillion dollars in questionable new government spending on programs and projects, while providing less tax relief for middle-class families and small businesses than President-elect Obama has proposed.

An initial review of the “stimulus” by Boehner’s office found these spending proposals:

$600 million for new cars for the federal government

$1 billion “to minimize undercounting of minority groups” in the 2010 census

$400 million for NASA for global warming

$400 million for “National Treasures”

$6 billion for colleges/universities, many of which have massive billion dollar endowments

$166 billion in direct aid to states, many of which have failed to budget wisely

$650 million more for digital television conversation coupons


This an absolute outrage. A disgusting display, folks! Politics as usual!

We'll say it again...America, you have been fooled by your Messiah! Where is the change? Where are the promises?

Read for yourself (pdf). House version.

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