Saturday, January 17, 2009

Michelle Obama's 160% Salary Increase at University of Chicago Had Nothing To Do With Barack Obama's Million Dollar Earmark, Right?

Guess Mrs. Obama must have been really, REALLY good at her job!

Doug Ross put this juicy nugget together.

Excellent question. Some roguish wags might speculate that a quid pro quo arrangement was in effect; pay-to-play as it were. But that seems highly unlikely given Barack Obama's high ethical standards *.

* Ignoring, of course, Auchi, Ayers, Blagojevich, Jarrett, Jones, Rezko, etc.
Is that how she affords to do this? $447 for a "snack" at The Waldorf Astoria, 10/15/2008

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1 comment:

  1. How truly shameful it is to see those like the Obamas, who purport to stand for the underprivledged, screw the non-profit U of Chicago Hospital by demanding a pay-to-play made-up job for Michelle Obama, no different whatsoever than union/mob no-work or no-show gigs.

    Interestingly, Obama's scumbag buddy Tony Rezko also recieved a nice contract from that same hospital. Then he went on to help Obama buy that nice house, with his favorite real-estate agent, Patti Blagejovich.

    But this is all just a "distraction" to the MSM... they're more into articles on Obama's puppy-vetting process, and how he likes to play basketball.

    You'd think the preponderance of evidence is there by now that we in fact elected a Bolshevik-racketeer to the White House... but maybe it'll take a little more, like Blago or Rezko singing to prosecutors. They both know enough to bring this Obamamania nonsense crashing down in a pile of rubble... and Obama's made them both enemies, too.