Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann Are Disgusting. What Does MS-NBC Really Think of Bush? Vile, Anti-American Disrespectful Venom From Chris Matthews

One question for Chris Matthews - What have you done to defend America?

"The irony is immeasurable as the 43rd president of the United States prepared to give his farewell address tonight, full of rationalizations of his actions in the wake of 9/11, a commercial airliner crashed in New York City. But this was neither terror nor tragedy. Everybody survived."
--Keith Olbermann 1/15/09 once again implying 9/11 was the fault of George Bush.

We HATE you and your radical, Leftist anti-America, anti-truth disgusting network. You should be tried and hanged for treason. Along with your Sportscenter anchor friend Olbermann. He is a sports reporter and has no business opening his fat mouth about anything!

Full transciprt below.

Feel free to have your opinions. Feel free to enjoy your free speech which George Bush defended for 8 years.

But what gives you piece of scum the right to spew hateful venom towards George Bush.

You are the most vile human being. You have no right to call yourself a journalist or an American.

Thank you for confirming that NBC has absolutely no credibility whatsoever and should never, ever be considered journalism again.

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The Full Vile Transcript. Screw You Matthews!

OLBERMANN: An acceptance speech, I guess, for an award, I don‘t know if any of the rest of us thinks he actually got them—am I wrong in feeling that the only thing that was missing tonight was another “mission accomplished” banner?

MATTHEWS: Well, it was a scorecard that only he could design, and, of course, he did well on it. But, in the way that today every kid gets a trophy, who participates, but I think there is a problem. And I‘m not sure it‘s about intellectual ability, I think he has it. It‘s about preparation for the office of the presidency.

There was a wonderful line in Shakespeare in Henry V, I guess my favorite of those plays in which the clergy sort of mocked the young warrior king and said, “Where did we find this sudden scholar?”

The scary thing about the last eight years is that George Bush, whatever you think of him, came to office pretty much tabula rasa in terms of philosophy. He didn‘t have much. He was a rich kid driving his father‘s car. He got to be president because of his father, let‘s face, the same way he got into school and everything else, and the same way he got his car probably.

But what the scary about Bush is, somewhere he came to meet people like Dick Cheney, and Scooter Libby and Paul Wolfowitz and Feith, and the rest of them. They had this ideology that he bought into. This ideology that somehow the United States, in waging war and taking over countries, somehow was fighting for freedom, and somehow in doing, so we would encourage moderation in the Arab world.

Well, history would have thought him, and I know he just put down history by quoting Jefferson, which was unfair to Jefferson. History would have told him in the Arab world, it‘s the Arab street; it‘s the regular people out there by the vast population and numbers who oppose the state of Israel, who have always been radicalized. It‘s been the leaders that you could deal with, the potentates, the kings we set up over there, the British did, the people that were propped up with oil wealth. We could deal with those people.

But the minute the street had a hand in the politics over there, it was radical. Look what happened under him, Algeria had a chance at radical politics, and look at what we got there, a bit of taste of that. Hamas, elected on the West Bank—that did a great deal for peace-making in the Middle East. The election of Ahmadinejad.

The idea that somehow the mechanical nature of holding elections somehow moderates a country—he said it again in his speech tonight, that somehow elections and democracy and freedom lead to a moderation on the part of these people. Well, these people have a problem in the Middle East. They want to fight. They don‘t like Israel. They don‘t like the west. There is a seething anger over there towards the west.

We better start to figure it out instead of retreating to these notions that he‘s been carrying around him ever since he met Dick Cheney and the neo-conservatives.

I go back to this—the scary thing about Bush is he picked up one, almost in a way that a hermit crab does, another identity in becoming president. He didn‘t have a “book knowledge” to come to the White House with. Having ignored and made fun at college the “pointy heads”—he called them—or the intellectuals and made fun of the smart kids at school, and hung around with the jocks.

He decided he‘s going to start listening to the intellectuals. So, he said, “Hi, this Paul Wolfowitz is such a smart guy. Let‘s go with this neo-conservative idea. Let‘s go into Iraq.” He listened to Dick Cheney, and listen to the rest of them. And all of a sudden, he became this new scholar of freedom. And he‘s going to spend the rest of his life selling this stuff.

This stuff cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. It costs the lives of 4,000 U.S. service people. And we don‘t know what‘s coming around the corner in Iraq.

The Brits took over that part of the world and turned it into a series of monarchies. We take it over and we supply it with our ideology. Well, we‘ll see if it lasts, because in the end, the Arabs are going to have their own culture, their own politics, and down the road, we are going to have to make peace with the elements we can find to make peace with.

The idea that we have some brand new neo-conservative ideology of freedom that‘s going to bring peace over on that part of the world is not true and he is still selling it. And that‘s the tragedy of the last eight years. He‘s learned the wrong lessons and he‘s out there selling them again tonight—Keith?

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