Saturday, January 17, 2009

Barack Obama: "Gun Salesman of The Year", "Bitter" Americans Rush Out to Buy Guns

More "bitter" Americans "clinging to their guns"!

From Fox News.

President-elect Barack Obama's election has spurred a surge in gun sales, firearms retailers and enthusiasts say, as gun owners brace for what they believe will be a new era of gun control in Washington.

An electronic news service that covers outdoor news has even named Obama its "Gun Salesman of the Year."

Firearms associations began to suspect that political considerations were driving gun sales late last year as the number of background checks increased. But end-of-year figures showed a big spike in background checks for the last three months of 2008, and in November, the month Obama was elected, the number of background checks was 42 percent greater than in November 2007.

"It's not a hard tea leaf to read," said Jim Shepherd, publisher of the news service Outdoor Wire, which claims Obama's election has "frightened consumers into action."

And Free Republic added this from Mr. Shephard.

"Manufacturers are months behind on orders for semi-automatic pistols, AR-style rifles, and anything with so-called 'high-capacity magazines'," declared The Outdoor Wire's publisher, Jim Shepherd.

"Buyers we’ve surveyed across the country seem to have a single explanation for their rush to purchase firearms — Obama."

Guns are in demand because sportsmen are wary of Obama's support for gun control laws, Shepherd said.

"Mr. Obama has consistently voted against individual rights to firearms, appointed a re-tread Clinton administration full of gun banners, and made it plain to anti-gun groups that despite what he might say to the contrary, he’s on their side," Shepherd said.

At least some people are defending the Constitution....

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