Saturday, January 17, 2009

Putin to Obama: "Biggest Disappointments Are Born Out of Big Expectations"; Chavez to Obama: You Stink Like Bush; Hillary Offends Afghanistan

Sounds like Socialism teaches us to "hope" for the best, but "expect" the worst! It's gonna be a long 4 to 8 years...

From Breitbart:

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Saturday he had noted "positive signals" about US president-elect Barack Obama but cautioned against "big expectations."

"We have watched an election campaign with great attention and we have heard and seen the positive signals which have been directed at us," Putin told German newspaper editors and journalists in Dresden, Germany.

But he also warned of the danger of raising expectations too high.

"I am deeply convinced that the biggest disappointments are born out of big expectations," he added.

All this while Hugo Chavez says Obama has the "stench" of Bush on him and faces death threats if he follows through with his plans to change the American "empire".

And Secretary Of State Designee Hillary Clinton has already committed an international faux-pas, despite not having been officially confirmed by the US Senate.

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