Saturday, January 17, 2009

Michael Moore Lawsuit, Behemoth Anti-American Under Fire For Misuse Of Photo; We Support Iraq Veteran and War Correspondent Michael Yon

"Little Girl". Used with permission from Michael Yon.

The NY Post reported this week that Bush-hater and pugnacious anti-American Michael Moore. Moore's website implies that in a photograph of an American soldier carrying a wounded Iraqi girl, the girl was wounded by Americans, when in reality, she was wounded by Iraqi insurgents and the American had come to her rescue.

Vile, Michael Moore, vile.

The photo in question is the property of Michael Yon. Yon is an American author, independent reporter, and blogger. He has been embedded on numerous occasions with American and British troops in Iraq, most prominently a deployment with the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment (Deuce Four) of the 25th Infantry Division in Mosul, Iraq that ended in September 2005. He continues to blog from Iraqi and Afghan towns and battlefields.

The Post Reported:

Michael Moore may wind up in court with a prize-winning journalist who claims the mountain-size moviemaker ripped off his most famous photo to use in a George W. Bush-bashing rant.

Last year, to illustrate one of his anti-administration bombasts, the portly polemicist posted on his Web site a heartbreaking photo from Iraq of an American soldier carrying the blood-spattered body of a child. The picture was snapped by acclaimed independent war correspondent Michael Yon, who has been very careful about how his images are distributed and goes out of his way to make sure they aren't used for demagogic diatribes.

Yon posted on his website:

Published: 15 January 2009
We have not yet filed in court, but will very soon if Mr. Moore does not settle the matter immediately. The court paperwork takes time, though my attorney informed me that Mr. Moore’s attorney, after seven months of delay, called us late yesterday. Michael Moore’s attorney and mine, Mr. John Mason, are playing phone tag today.

The New York Post picked up the story today with: “Moore Misuses War Photo.”

Huffington Post followed: “Michael Moore in Legal Trouble With War Photographer.”

To understand the importance of this potential lawsuit, please read the dispatch I wrote: "Michael Moore's Crime"

The photo and the tragic events behind it can be seen here: "Little Girl" .

To donate to Yon's online magazine and/or his legal fight against the despicable Moore, please visit his PayPal account.

***Sean Hannity reported in a "Hannity Exclusive" tonight on his Fox News Show that Yon is, in fact, suing Moore.

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