Wednesday, January 14, 2009

O'Reilly Slams Leftists Who Have Used Pro-Obama Propaganda to Put American Security At Risk, Left Wing Media Made Case That USA Is A Nation of Torture

The Spin Stops Here! Go Get 'Em Bill!

And American Patriot, Dennis Miller, exhibited his admiration for George Bush for keeping America and his children safe. Anybody get it yet?

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1 comment:

  1. Right-on, Bill and Dennis- While the left's propaganda campaign is in full swing against what Bush did accomplish in the War on Terror, such ingratitude and short sightedness is no real surprise coming from the drones of the New Left.

    I for one am happy to see the over-the-top bluster and hubris of the Obamamaniacs... will make the collapse of this mindless charade all the more spectacular.

    And President Bush and VP Cheney, it wasn't easy to win this war while half our weak-willed population turned on you, wanted to surrender to bloodthirsty maniacs and cut-and-run, but you showed the perserverence and courage to do the right thing... while the press played you as stubborn fools.

    History might question the understaffed occupation, but you had the wisdom to make adjustments and persevere, creating a successful democracy in the heart of the middle east... and riding the world of a horrible monster in the process. Now with the victory at hand that Obama and others opposed vehemently, this may just be the introduction of freedom to the Arab states, an incredible accomplishment. Remember, a lot of people fought Reagan every step of the way, like Biden, right up until our Cold War victory.

    Enjoy your retirement, gentlemen... and pay no mind to the armchair generals and moralizing Obamamaniacs... they "know" an awful lot of things that simply aren't true- and will be soon embarassed by events on the world stage, because this crew is in way, way over their heads.