Friday, January 16, 2009

Rachel Maddow Is A Vile, Disgusting, Anti-American, Bitch! MS NBC Officially Has No Journalistic Integrity

"And of course when he arrived in January 2001 we were fighting protracted wars in zero countries that we had preventively invaded and justified occupying through manipulated intelligence. Today we have been in Iraq for 5 1/2 years and counting and the war in Afghanistan is even older than that. Also there was a vital jewel of an American city called New Orleans back then and a World Trade Center. It is against that proud backdrop the George W. Bush presidency publicly ended today. "

--Vile Pig Rachel Maddow reacting to President Bush's Gracious Farewell Address 1/15/09

From NewsBusters:

Though one could certainly argue the economic stats and how much Bush is to blame -- especially given the fact that he inherited a recession in 2001 and did nothing to cause the collapse of the financial services industry -- it is Maddow's suggestion that the President caused the destruction of New Orleans as well as the felling of the World Trade Center that is most disgusting.

If Maddow wants to make such claims on Air America radio, fine. But for a major American so-called news outlet to spread such invective shortly after the final address by an outgoing President is truly shameful.

How sad that MSNBC has basically devolved into a liberal blog.

Readers that can stand it should watch the entire video to witness Arianna Huffington similarly disgracing herself.

Huffington had this to say about the President "Still Delusional After All These Years."

Why don't you shut up and go back to Greece you awful, vile woman.

What's that? Because you enjoy your freedom and liberties and opportunities the United States provides? That little thing called The Constitution that President Bush protected and defended for 8 years?

The next time terrorists decide to strike the US, we hope they have the decency to limit the damage to the NBC and eliminate these vile, disgusting anti-American scumbags.

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  1. rachel maddow is a communist terrorist sympathizer and needs to be pulled off the air and dropped on lesbian island!!!

  2. Rachel Maddow is a Patriotic American male's worst nightmare!! She is the reason Spanky, Alphalpha, and Froggy started the woman haters club of america.

  3. rachel maddow is so disgusting to watch that i can't change the channel fast enough to get rid of her face. the times that curiosity forces me to watch her smirking ugly gay dyke face, i am constantly struck by the feeling that she and her ilk would love to have a gay country led by those blood sucking vampires putting all of us "breeders" as they like to call straight people, under their thumbs. Its scarier than watching an episode of the Twilight Zone.

  4. i would love to eat 40 tacos and fart in her mouth.

  5. for once i wish her pal bill mahr wasn't right minded. she richly deserves yje "c" word he giftrf palin with.

    At least palin is attractive. maddow has a face only a "d" word could love.

  6. She is misinformed and NBC allows her to report false information to the public. Get your facts straight Rachel - the brown shirts who are in DC stopping the vets from seeing their own memorial ARE being paid. They are considered essential personnel. Even my kids know that one Maddow!

  7. Doesn't Rachel maddow look look exactly like that other guy on MSNC, Chris Hayes? I would love to give them both a good beating

  8. She's not just a cow......she's a MADDCOW!!!

  9. you are one ugly lesbian.