Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Official! Pepsi Has A Crush On Obama! One of Many New Obama-Inspired Marketing Strategies

We thought we were kidding when we pointed out the odd, "coincidental" similarities between Pepsi's new logo and Barack Obama....

Turns out, it is definitely no joke.

From USA Today:

Pepsi. On Friday, Pepsi crews will hit the streets of D.C with product samples, as well as scarves, hats and buttons that read "Hope" and "Change." Ads with the new Pepsi logo appear in outdoor ads with such Obama-isms as "Yes, you can."

New Pepsi ads will air in pre-inaugural coverage on networks such as CNN beginning Jan. 18.

"This is a unique moment," says Frank Cooper, vice president, portfolio brands. "There are very few times when people of various backgrounds and affiliations come together with a common sense of purpose."

See more nauseating, gratuitous displays of Obama-inspired advertising at Hot Air, Gatewaypundit, Debbie Schlussel and of course "Yes, Pecan" Ben & Jerry's.

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