Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another "Rehabilitated" Gitmo Prisoner Blows Himself Up and Thanks Guantanamo For The Opportunity

FOX News obtained the disgusting martyrdom video of former Gitmo detainee before he killed himself and 12 others in Mosul, Iraq:

Abdallah Ali al-Ajmi was transferred back to his home country of Kuwait after his release from Guantanamo in 2005. Last April he blew himself up in a homicide attack that killed 12 people in Mosul, Iraq.Al-Ajmi, known in Guantanamo as Detainee 220, made his martyrdom tape before the attack.

"In the name of Allah, most compassionate, most merciful and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet," al-Ajmi says in the video. "I thank Allah, Lord of the Worlds, who freed me from Guantanamo prison and, after we were tortured, connected me with the Islamic State of Iraq [ISI]. And it is the gift of Allah to follow the path of this nation, the ISI."

In the video, translated by the NEFA Foundation, a non-profit that tracks terror groups, al-Ajmi mentions Guantanamo Bay right away. For many jihadists, having served time at Guantanamo is seen as a badge of honor.
Others, like President Obama and CNN are calling for "Jihadi Rehab".

Maybe we should let them go to Joe Murtha's house.

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