Wednesday, January 28, 2009

VP Joe Biden Apologizes to Chief Justic For Gaffe, Obama Did Not Find It Funny

As we mentioned last week, The President does not find The Vice President as amusing as the rest of us.

From Fox News:

Vice President Biden made his first -- and probably not last -- apology for a joke gone bad, reportedly calling Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to offer a "mea culpa" for cracking wise about Roberts' flubbing the oath of office during President Obama's inauguration.

Every gets to laugh at the Veep....again...from Christian Science Monitor:

You know the joke that Vice President Biden told last week? The one where he publicly made fun of Chief Justice John Roberts? The one that President Obama didn’t laugh at?

Yeah, that one.

Well, the vice president wanted to smooth things over with Justice Roberts so he called him on the phone and apologized. (Perhaps he would have emailed him but the White House email system blew up).

Details of the conversation are slight.
“They spoke and had a good conversation,” a press aide told CNN.

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