Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Do Americans Really Think of The Economic Stimulus Bill? Less Than Half of Americans Support The President's Economic Plan

From a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll:

Less than half (45%) of Americans believe the Spending Bill passed in the US House yesterday will actually help the economy. Maybe that's because 61% of Americans think government is part of the problem.

Our question to Americans then: "Why did you elect Senator Government to become President Government, if Government is part of the Problem?"

Now, consider this: more Americans (50%) believe that "tax cuts" are more beneficial to the economy than people (28%) who think "spending" is the answer. 14% of Americans believe that we need both kinds.

Again, America: "Why did we elect a President and a Congress who favor spending your money as opposed to letting you keep it?"

65% of Americans think it is a bad idea to move away from capitalism and towards socialism (88% of Republicans, 68% of Independents but only 47% of Democrats think socialism is a bad idea.)

So, stop voting for Socialists!

According to a new Rasmussen poll, only 42% of Americans support the stimulus plan. That is a 3% drop from last week's approval numbers. While hard line Republicans and Democrats remain pretty even, 50% of Independents now oppose the plan as opposed to last week when only 37% opposed.

Knowledge is power and it's amazing to see support for the bogus spending bill wane as people become more familiar with it. Are Indepedents already starting to think twice about their election choices?

Another poll shows that 53% of Americans believe tax cuts are more effective than spending programs. 24% favor large spending bills. Rasmussen also reports that 59% of Americans fear that Obama and Congress will "increase government spending too much in the next year or two."

Then why did we elect these people?

We encourage all Americans to contact their Senator this week and encourage them to oppose the bill. Congress and the President need to go back to the drawing board on this Economic Recovery Plan and truly make it a bipartisan plan that will actually be timely, targeted and temporary.

Mr. President and Madame Speaker: Put your childish "we won" games aside.

Read the complete Fox poll. Lots of fun stuff for people who like numbers

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