Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Senator Roland Burris Compares Himself to MLK; Claims Responsibility for Obama's Victory

  • Gov. Blagojevich compared himself to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Mohandas Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. But he’s not the only Illinois official stretching to elevate himself to high stature.

  • Speaking this morning at a Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast, the state’s new junior U.S. senator, Roland Burris said that without Burris’ own trailblazing, Barack Obama never would have been elected president.

  • “If there was no Martin Luther King Jr. and no Roland Burris, there would be no Barack Obama in the White House today,” Burris said to cheers at a Rainbow PUSH Coalition breakfast in Chicago. “We must recognize, friends, that we all stand on each other's shoulders.”

Wow, really? And here we thought it was Bush Derangement Syndrome and the 69 Million people who drank the Kool Aid!

Now we know the truth, thanks for clearing that up for us Mr. Burris!

These Illinois politicians get more arrogant everyday, don't they?

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