Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama Takes a "Do Over" Oath of Office Just in Case; Earlier, Biden Mocks Chief Justice

Just to be on the safe side of justice, Chief Justice Roberts visited President Obama today to ensure that we can still come him Mr. President.

But that did not stop Vice President Joe "Foot in Mouth" Biden from inappropriately mocking the Chief Justice.

Take notice how the President puts his hand on Biden's back just after the "My memory is not as good as Chief Justice Roberts", in essence telling him to shut up.

From Fox News:

Some constitutional scholars had suggested that Obama re-take the oath just to be on the safe side. Obama did not substantively change any language on Tuesday, but after Roberts flubbed some of the wording the new president used language different from that prescribed in the Constitution.

The chief justice and the president handled the matter privately in the Map Room on Wednesday night. It took 25 seconds, and when Obama repeated the oath Roberts told him, "Congratulations, again."

Now it's officially official!

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