Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's Special Envoys to Middle East Confirm the Worst. President Obama is "Soft" On Terror, Pro-Palestine, Anti-American. Connect The Dots, People!

We're not implying President Barack Obama is pro-terrorism and pro-Islam and anti-American and anti-Israel but.... okay, maybe we are. You be the judge. The facts are, in fact, the facts.

From USA Today:

President Obama went to the State Department this afternoon, where he and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that former Senate majority leader George Mitchell has been named a special envoy to the Middle East peace process, and that former U.N. ambassador Richard Holbrooke will be a special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Both Mitchell and Holbrooke worked for failed US President Jimmy Carter. Ooops! Both, at one time in their respective careers worked for Barack Obama's Alma mater, Columbia University.

Mitchell did, in fact, broker the Northern Ireland Peace Treaty that Hillary Clinton once took credit for.

Ms. Clinton was confirmed yesterday to be Secretary of State. You still with us?

Mitchell, whose mother was born in Lebanon, is an Arab-American whose career highlights include heading the commission investigating steroid use in baseball.

Holbrooke , a man with a very impressive resume had this to say once.

From Wikipedia:

Holbrooke spoke about Iraq during his farewell press conference as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations on January 11, 2001. There he said, "Iraq will be one of the major issues facing the incoming Bush administration at the United Nations."

Further, "Saddam Hussein's activities continue to be unacceptable and, in my view, dangerous to the region and, indeed, to the world, not only because he possesses the potential for weapons of mass destruction but because of the very nature of his regime. His willingness to be cruel internally is not unique in the world, but the combination of that and his willingness to export his problems makes him a clear and present danger at all times."

So Holbrooke supported the Bush Administration's efforts in Iraq to depose brutal dictator and terrorist sympathiser Saddam Hussein. But then he cut and ran too!

On February 24, 2007 Holbrooke delivered the Democratic Party's weekly radio address and called for "a new strategy in Iraq", involving "a careful, phased redeployment of U.S. troops" and a "new diplomatic offensive in the Gulf region to help stabilize Iraq."

Holbrooke's current wife was once married to Peter Jennings whose former girlfriend was Palestinian activist Hanan Ashrawi who is a Palestinian legislator, activist, and scholar. She was a protégé and later colleague and close friend of Edward Said.

In a 1997 revised edition of his book Covering Islam, Said criticized what he viewed as the biased reporting of the Western press and, in particular, media “speculations about the latest conspiracy to blow up buildings, sabotage commercial airliners, and poison water supplies.”

So, Holbrooke's wife was married to Peter Jennings who once dated Hanan Ashrawi who was BFF with Edward Said who prophesized the events on 9/11.

Do the math. Close GITMO, appoint terrorist sympathisers to cabinet, cut and run, employ special envoys, use your middle name "Hussein" at Inauguration...

What do you really think is happening? Whose side are you really on? Watch your back, America!


Dare us to add more dots and we will... there is more... much more... trust it

Hopenchangeyoucanbelievin. That's German for Nazi Socialism.

Good F***ing luck!

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