Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Is A Call To All Conservatives And Republicans. Give Obama His Day. Let The Obamamaniacs Have Their Day.

We encourage everyone to allow Barack Obama to have his day.

Let him have his moment in the limelight, his honeymoon, if you will.

As a Nation, we need to move beyond the hate. We conservatives are all disgusted by the anti-Bush hate speech of the last 8 years but if we have learned anything during this time, it is to agree to disagree.

Barack Obama won the election in a legitimate, democratic fashion and we all need to respect this fact.

Let us move beyond the rhetoric, allow him and his supporters to celebrate his Inauguration.

Let us afford him his well-deserved day in history and give him the respect that our Commander-in-Chief deserves.

We conservatives are above the fray. Let us not use hate and disrespect to retaliate against the Liberals for their vile treatment of President Bush.

We are better than that. And history will prove us correct.

Fear not my conservative friends, American history will run its course.

We at The ConservativeXpress will give Barack Obama a chance to fulfill his promises, but we will be ever vigilant to his shortcomings.

Pledge to do what the Liberals and the Left-Wing Media failed to do; respect the Office of The President of the United States of America.

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  1. This is actually a great post. However, given the tone and rhetoric of most of your previous posts, it is laughable that you wrote it. I'd encourage you to look deep and see what you want and hope for this country. Do you really want to see the suffering continue so you can say "I told you so"? I can imagine how a Bush supporter would have felt about some of the things said about him during office. Please know that you are doing no better and yet Obama has yet to take office, he hasn't even begun yet officially. Before you just write back telling me how full of it I am, I hope that you will really reflect on this. I have to admit that after really feeling disinfranchised by the Bush admin for the past 8 years, it would feel great for me and a lot of us to have a president who says "Ha, now it's our turn! I have some capital and I am going to spend it! I have the votes to pass whatever agenda I have and too bad for you! It's the democrats turn to run wild!". BUT... that wouldn't solve anything, would it? And as much as turnabout is fairplay, it doesn't really bring us anywhere. It is to some extent a bitter pill to swallow watching the man I helped to elect court people who have treated their opposition so shabbily. But it is the right way to do things and this example will hopefully make us all better at reaching out to others, even when its difficult. Obama has been reaching out in all kinds of ways to every American and in turn he is inspiring millions to do the same and to commit themselves to offering service to our country. According to recent polls(by the liberal scum media? by the bitch Rachel Maddow? by that treasonist Chris Matthews who you feel should be hung?) 79% of our country feels optomistic about an Obama presidency. That is GOOD news. Follow your own good advice. Feel free to disagree, but at least be honest about how you are doing it.

  2. The anti Bush hate? Excuse me, but do listen to fox news and the anti-Democrat hate. The whole you are with Bush or bin Laden?

    Bush brought this on himself, not the liberal media. He was a small man in a big office, he failed, and the nation is the worse for him being there.

    That said only slightly behind Bush was the Quisling Democratic Party. Had the Democrats actually tried to challenge Bush on anything, I think it would have helped the country. A principled fact-based opposition is a good thing, and I do hope that you keep up a principled opposition on policy merits. Opposition is a good thing for the country.

  3. I agree the fact that congress did not pressure as a balance caused more harm than good. that being said I really have to wonder if the silence was a strategy, seems like there are alot pf plans in the works now that could have helped (or at least attempted to help). I think that there were alot of behind the scenes going's on that laid the groundwork to get another democrat in the whitehouse. If that is the cse then it is is digusting and yes i would say that if the tables were reveresed. It is time that all of them began to work for us and not put their agenda's ahead of the country!

  4. I'm glad we are having a discussion.

    "The anti Bush hate? Excuse me, but do listen to fox news and the anti-Democrat hate. The whole you are with Bush or bin Laden?

    Bush brought this on himself, not the liberal media. He was a small man in a big office, he failed, and the nation is the worse for him being there."

    You still don't get it, do you? I would love for you to find any element of "Democrat hate" on Fox News. Prove it. Don't just say it!

    That is what I mean by "Liberal Media Bias".

    "Do you really want to see the suffering continue so you can say "I told you so"? I can imagine how a Bush supporter would have felt about some of the things said about him during office"

    I do, actually want Mr. Obama to succeed. I am an American citizen, after all. Like I said, I want to afford him the respect that Bush did not receive. Respect for the man. Respect for the office.

    Finally, you are correct that Obama has yet to take office, but he has made decisions during the transition that will affect his judgement and policy for the next 4 years. If it's not okay to judge him during the transition, then it's not okay to proclaim him as the greatest President either.

    We wish Barack Obama well and again, congratulate him on his historic inauguration tomorrow.

  5. Fox news and MSNBC are the same station on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Hannity is Chris Matthews, O'Reilly is Olbermann, I'm not sure who qualifies to be the magnificent Rachel Maddow but I'd imagine she has a counterpart over there too. Then there's Rush Limbaugh... what more can you say. Rush -- the man who said that Colin Powell only endorsed Obama because he is black! My point is that you have engaged is some really nasty name-calling on your website here. You can't do that while saying at the same time that you'll be respectful the way that you obviously feel liberals can't. It is simply not true. You openly relish in the Blago/Burris controversy because you hope that the "taint" will touch Obama and color his presidency in the first days (though it has not). Whatever you DON'T like that is being said on MSNBC or whatever other 'liberal media' is exactly what you should stay away from then. Be the grown-up in the conversation if you want to be serious. For one, not being able to refer to PE Obama without an inane nickname is not exactly respectful, right? Don't be poor Ann Coulter (who can dish it out but not back it up, even to Mike Huckabee), don't be poor Sarah Palin (wasn't she supposed to be a pitbull?), be the respectful educated blogger that this post implies. It would make your site a lot more interesting and readable for me and other liberals who actually do like to see what people across the aisle think.

  6. but it is okay to call bush dumb? oh yeah it is okay from the left i forgot. the left has shown zero respect for the office of the president over the last 4 years. But now that it is your turn talk about dishing it our but can't take it. you meant this blog would be more interesting if it thought like you people on the left.

  7. A few points and then i'm ending this discussion.

    I'll give you Hannity -- he is definitely a conservative zealot. I think he raises many great points everyday but he does not hide behind a tent of journalism. He does not claim to be anything BUT a conservative and sticks to his principles.

    But to compare O Reilly to Olbermann is hilarious. In case you hadn't noticed, O Reilly is probably Obama's biggest supporter on FNC. (I know you're not gonna be impressed by that and will have some snide FNC dig, so don't bother)

    And the reason there is no Rachel Maddow equivalent is becaue she is one of the most repulsive talking heads on television. She is vile and if you seriously consider her to be "magnificent" then that tells me all I need to know.

    And Rush does not and has not ever worked for FNC and is rarely mentioned.

    In any case, you completely missed the point of this post. I was simply trying to tell the anti-Obama folks to show a little restraint in criticizing the Inaugual festivities. Obama and his supporters deserve the party (though it's a bit costly).

    And any references to Obama as The Messiah or The One are designed to criticize the Kool Aid drinkers like yourself, not the man himself.

    But I appreciate the critique. It was helpful. Agree to disagree.

  8. Sorry you're done with the conversation, I thought it was interesting. I am not snide, I am not making digs, I'm trying to have a rational conversation. My point wasn't as the above poster said for everyone to agree with my point of view. It wasn't even for everyone to behave rationally and respectfully. My point is to acknowledge how you and how we all choose to voice our dissent. My point is that we need to be honest about our tone when engaging others, especially those who disagree. With any large group of people you'll have people from all over the spectrum. Liberals and conservatives both. My point is that if you want to have a different kind of discussion, if you want to afford the respect that you feel wasn't given to your guy or your party, you might want to re-think how you approach your posts.

    As far as Hannity and the others above, the same could and should be said for those you so clearly detest at MSNBC. They are unabashedly liberal -- not every personality, but obviously you can tell the difference between straight journalism and someone hosting an opinion show. I do watch Fox from time to time as I said because I don't want to live in a bubble, I watch and read many different angles to get many different thoughts and approaches. I go into Fox knowing what to expect and if it gets too annoying for me, I change it. You might do the same instead of calling for people's heads on platters for giving their opinions. And for Rush, he may not be on Fox, but he is certainly one of the most well known faces of republican opinion.

    As for missing the point of the post, I didn't. You are calling on others to be respectful and it seemed hypocritical to me.

    To close, I have kept this respectful and I hoped well thought out. I most certainly do not appreciate the dismissal you gave me in your last post -- it was not deserved.