Tuesday, January 20, 2009

White House Counsel, Another Terrorist Sympathizer

Pedro Miguel González Pinzón is a leading political figure in Panama who was indicted by a U.S. federal court in October 1992 for the June 10, 1992 killing of an American serviceman, Sgt. Zak Hernández, and the serious wounding of another, Sgt. Ronald T. Marshall.

Barack Obama's White House Counsel, Gregory Craig has offered legal advice to Mr. González.

Mr. Craig has represented numerous high-profile clients, including John Hinckley, Jr., who was acquitted of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. As assistant to the President and special counsel in the White House of President Bill Clinton, Craig directed the team defending Clinton against impeachment. He was a foreign policy advisor to Senator Edward Kennedy and to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

Byron York reported:

American prosecutors have long wanted to put González behind bars; the nearly 17-year-old murder charge stands today. But in addition to his family in Panama, González has at least one very well-connected, very influential advocate in the United States: Gregory Craig, the man Barack Obama chose to be the next White House counsel. Craig’s representation of an American soldier’s killer drew scant notice during the 2008 campaign, when Craig was a top Obama adviser.

It has drawn little attention since Obama named him White House counsel.

And it will probably remain relatively unnoticed as
the spotlight focuses on the Obama administration’s economic plan, on the Middle East, and on Iraq.

But Craig’s role in the González case, or at least what little is known about it, is worth exploring. Top White House officials like Craig serve solely at the president’s pleasure; they are not subject to the scrutiny of the confirmation process. They have made choices and connections in their careers that tell us something about how they will perform their new duties. For Gregory Craig, that includes the case of Pedro Miguel González.
Another misdeed by the media. Another questionable Obama confidant. Another anti-American terrorist sympathizer.

Mr. Obama officially becomes President at Noon today.

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