Monday, January 19, 2009

Israel To Withdraw From Gaza Just Prior To Obama's Inauguration

Coincidence? Think again. It is our belief that Israel, though not necessarily afraid, is skeptical of the level of support it will receive from the Obama Administration.

From Breitbart:

JERUSALEM (AP) - Gaza's streets brimmed with energy Monday as people picked up the pieces of their lives, while Israeli officials said they planned to pull all troops from the territory by Barack Obama's inauguration as president of the United States on Tuesday.

More from The Jerusalem Post:

1. Israel expects pressure on the illegal outposts issue. I hear this not just from the panel, but also from Israeli officials. Most of them also think that this pressure can’t be denounced: Israel has made a promise to evacuate, but took its time. Well, I guess it's time.

2. An interesting split on the Saudi peace plan. Some experts believe that this plan will give Obama the opening he will be looking for (I wrote about this topic here). Obama has indicated, as did many other members of his administration, that if a Palestinian state is to be established, the Arab world will have to play a contributing role. The Saudi plan - or a version of it - can be the vehicle with which to test Arab intention of really delivering the goods.

3. Most members of this panel expect Obama to try to achieve peace in his first term. I'm not so sure. Last week, Obama was very careful not to raise expectations.

4. Following the Gaza war, the issue of Palestinian unity government is on the table again. If the panel is correct, the Obama team (similarly to the Bush team two years ago) will not be enthusiastic about the establishment of such government. If Obama will end up encouraging Fatah and Hamas to join forces, it might be a first sign that the panel needs to take a second look at this new administration and its intentions.

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