Sunday, January 18, 2009

$1 Trillion Divided By The US Population Equals? What Would Your Family Do With $13,000? Obama's Stimulus Would Give Every American Over $3000!

President Elect Obama/Congress Economic Stimulus plan could reach $1 Trillion.

There are approximately 304 Million American citizens.

$1 Trillion Divided by 304 Million equals roughly 3290...per person, not per taxpayer.

What would you do with approximately $3290? What if you are a family of 4? That's over $13,000 per family!

Don't you think your family can spend $13,000 more wisely than the Federal Government?

Would that not "stimulate" the economy is more unimaginable ways than Congress and Obama?

Wake up America! You are being deceived! You are being robbed!

Tax breaks, tax cuts, tax credits! Please! Help the cause!

Obama, Pelosi and Reid are stealing from you! They are using YOUR money to buy votes!

Please, if you visit any website today, visit!

Speak up! Contact your congresspeople!

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  1. This is fascinating how you managed to totally open up the subject that you have picked out for this exact entry of yours. BTW did you turn to some other posts as a source of information to fulfill the whole picture that you posted in this blog article?

  2. George Bush spent 2 trillion in kill over 200,000... That's $5,000,000 ahead aunt.. Think about that.Obama did nothing to help.. The country is falling apart and we will pay eventually.. Government itself is sick..!