Sunday, January 18, 2009

Russia to Open Naval Bases in Syria, Libya and Yemen

Russian Prime Minister and Wannabe-Czar Vladimir Putin recently told President-Elect Obama and America that "the biggest disappointments are born out of big expectations".

And today we learn some more encouraging news from Vlad the Great.

From Red State:

Vladimir Putin isn’t a “protegĂ©” of Josef Stalin; his model is Peter the Great. Putin can look at Russia’s multitude of social problems and conclude that Russia is perishing. And his take is simple - Russia must re-aggrandize itself as the cure for those problems.

Because of this, the Russians are in a hurry - since they see themselves as being in a race against time. As an Obama Presidency began to appear likely last fall, I offered the guidepost that in terms of international problems, “Russia won’t be the worst, but they’ll be the first.”

Now, Russia has quietly announced plans to establish naval bases in Syria, Libya, and Yemen.

RedState cited an article from Sunday's Moscow Times :

Russia has decided to establish naval bases in Libya, Syria and Yemen within a few years, a military official said Friday, in a sign of Moscow's growing foreign policy ambitions.

"It is difficult to say how much time it will take to create the bases for our fleet in these countries, but within a few years this will be done without question," the unidentified military official told Itar-Tass.

"The political decision on this question has been taken," the official said.

Fear not, America! Secretary Clinton is on the job!

We can just ignore Putin's comment last year that Clinton "has no head".

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