Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blago Makes His Case: No Poetry, But Did Talk About Old Westerns

Blago made his case today for preservation of his constitutional rights.

We have no jokes. We have nothing about Blago "rubbing his taint" on anyone or anything.

This has now become X-Files, News of the Weird material.

We Heart Blago!

From The Chicago Sun Times:

On Friday, Blagojevich voiced two specific complaints, the first being that the trial rules deny him an opportunity to challenge the charges against him or the documents on which the charges are based.

This is not true.

The governor cannot block the introduction of evidence that he may object to, such as an unsigned letter or a newspaper article; but Rule 14 of the Senate’s trial proceedings lays out exactly how he can challenge the “sufficiency” of such evidence. This evidence — if his argument carried the day — then would be set aside by the Senate.

Unfortunately, the governor’s attorneys blew off Friday’s deadline for making “sufficiency” challenges.

The governor’s second specific complaint is that he cannot call witnesses in his defense.

Again, this is not true.

Under Rule 15 of the impeachment trial proceedings, the governor will, in fact, be able to call witnesses, although only in each case with the Senate’s approval. The same restriction — the Senate must approve — also holds true for prosecution witnesses.

We have to wonder why Blago keeps mentioning Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett and Jesse Jackson, Jr.

You don't suppose that the Rezko-familiar Blago has some dirt on these people... and The President, do you? Hmmm....

And then his attorney resigned.

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