Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Eric Holder's Confirmation Postponed Until Next Week

Controversial Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder will have to wait at least another week to become America's Top Cop. Some Senate Republicans want more time to question Mr. Holder on his involvement in pardoning Marc Rich, FLAN terrorists and members of Bill Ayers' Weather Underground.

From Roll Call:

Ranking member Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) said that he had convened a meeting of the committee’s Republicans earlier in the day to “try and find a way to move forward” with the Holder nomination but that the Members were unhappy with the amount of time that they had been given to question Holder. Specter made the remarks at a committee hearing where Holder’s nomination was supposed to be voted on.

“There was a unanimous view that there was insufficient time to question Mr. Holder,” Specter said, noting that he was meeting with the nominee late Thursday to further discuss some of his concerns.

Leahy accepted the delay in a professional, mature manner.

AOL's The Political Machine reported:

"I'm extremely disappointed but they have that right, so this historic - historic - nomination is over." (Judiciary Committee Chairman) Leahy then slammed down the gavel and ended the hearing. He and Specter then left in opposite directors.

Poor Sen. Leahy didn't get his way and had a "I'm taking my gavel and going home" moment. The Democrats are supposed to get anything they want now that Obama is officially President! How dare any insignificant Republicans get in the way!

A small victory for Republicans, but it appears terrorist sympathiser Holder will be confirmed.

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