Monday, January 19, 2009

Environmentalism Energy Corruption Comes To Light In California

We reported last month that global warming and environmentalism was merely a new revenue source for Liberals.

Now we see the predictions beginning to come to light. The Next Right reports that Los Angeles taxpayers are being ripped off by the "bankrupt" California government to fund a bogus "alternative energy" venture.

Los Angeles, California has a new initiative underway called "Measure B" that would basically award a monopolistic, no-bids contract to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union (IBEW), the union that would be given the task to install the things in the city.

Obviously this is also a corrupt deal to give payback to the IBEW for supporting Mayor Villaraigosa. For sure it won't do any favors to ratepayers and taxpayers in L.A. The cost of the plan is "estimated" at 3.6 billion dollars, though as government waste proceeds you can be sure it’ll cost far more when all is said and done. As for ratepayers, it is estimated that DWP electric rates will go up 12% in the area if the plan is implemented.

In related news, Carol Browner ,"Climate Czar", still does not need Senate approval.

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