Wednesday, February 11, 2009

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor Confirms Beginning of Nationalized Healthcare in Stimulus Bill

From Humane Events:

Cantor told me, “The comparative effectiveness issue has been around for quite awhile and it makes the case again that its insertion in to this bill demonstrates that the focus has not been on job sustaining and creation. This is not a job sustaining and creating provision. Some support the notion that we ought to go down the pike of allowing CMS [Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services] now determine what kind of treatment takes place for a particular kind of patient and determine his or her doctor. That’s the kind of discussion we can have in regular order -- that’s a discussion that needs some airing -- but it doesn’t belong in a stimulus bill.”


It's True: Even The Medical Community Is Worred About Socialized Medicine Buried In Spending "Stimulus" Bill

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Stealth Care: Sneaky Democrats Slip National Healthcare/Socialized Medicine Into Stimulus Bill

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