Friday, April 10, 2009

CNN Attacks Beck Yet Again! Criticized For Using "Fascist" To Describe Obama (Video)

CNN: Conservatives using apocalypticism against Obama.

Glenn Beck and other conservatives have said that President Obama's policies will lead to fascism. CNN political analyst Bill Schneider refers to their tactics as "apocalypticism."

News flash to the Commie News Network! Beck is not that far off! Stop hiding behind Dear Leader.

Nothing more than another attack against Beck by the jealous competition.

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  1. And yet for the previous eight years, all of the Left's proclamations that "Bush is a Nazi" merited no coverage or discussion at all. Only criticizing a Democrat in the same fashion is bad.

  2. There are plenty of Obama's policies that might cause some concern and he is, as he has never tried to deny, a new kind of old-fashioned liberal, but the notion that he is ashamed of the United States is a stretch too far and the sooner conservatives divest themselves of this delusion the sooner they may have a chance to regain some measure of respect and be listened to as though they were a serious political movement and not just a bunch of paranoid fools.

  3. So a prominent media outlet castigates a citizen for criticizing the trend of our government.

    Gee. That's just what Mussolini FASCISTS did.

  4. Carol - You define yourself in this interview. Ratings. No need to think. Smile and snarl. Use a dictionary to define the terms and then apologize. You are using Saul Alinsky's Rules for radicals to ridicule the messenger in order to neutralize the idea. You are not successful.

  5. How annoying of Beck and others to actually TELL THE TRUTH; right, Liberals? It's fine to blast Bush for 8 years, but when the Obamanation takes office, we have to play nice. I think not. It's time we conservatives got a backbone and started to use it, calling things as we see them. Our country truly is in tremendous danger now, and most of it is coming from within.