Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life of Kim Jong-Il: "Womanizing, Booze-Swilling Individual" (Video)

CNN's John Vause looks at the life of North Korea's reclusive leader.

Everything you wanted to know about the man behind the insane dictator in under 3 minutes!

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  1. I'm so rone-ry

  2. kenny komodo4/06/2009 11:20 PM

    Little tin pot dictator sure doesn't look like he's missed many meals. Meanwhile, the trapped, enslaved, starving and dirt poor people of North Korea continue to suffer under this little bozo. What's needed is an invasion of the North, the destruction of his tyrannical regime and the death of Kim Jong Il and his acolytes.

  3. I'm so Rone-Ry is from Team America by your South Park mates. I think is R rated but really should have been NC-17 given its graphic puppet-on-puppet sex scene